How to Save Money on Clothes (11 Easy Ways)

by Achal M. Achal

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States, each year, Americans spend over $1,700 on clothing alone (and this is on the average). This is even much more than the average a driver spends on gas (as reported according to the 2014-2016 statistics)

Unlike gas, some of those purchases made on clothes are not necessary. They came as a result of impulse buying and as a result of deal hunting.

To make the best of what you spend your dollars on, and to even help you save some of the dollars you spend, here are some wonderful strategies on how to save money on clothes to follow in making the most exquisite deals and maybe outsmart retailers.

1. Put to sale what you do not use/wear

Whatever cloth you do not wear should be put off at the consignment shop.

When these shops sell your clothes, you will get a part of it.

You split the profit with the shop. Even though you don’t get the full amount, you also didn’t do much work.

You’ve used the clothes, and you have some dollars too.

It is important you go through your wardrobe at least once a year. Pick out whatever you haven’t worn, or that dress you don’t think you will wear again.

This should be put on sale!

2. Use the discount chain shops

There are deals that are stylish and amazingly cool.

Stores like T.J. Maxx and Target are quintessential in offering such.

T.J. Maxx will offer you some great deals on bags and shoes. And for Target, they have set designer partners, and there you’d get the latest deals from these partners.

They have items online which you may not find at a local store near you.

Please be informed that for the fact that a store is cheap or inexpensive does not mean it saves you money…

On such shops, you might fill your cart with all the non-essentials which means you’d still end up spending on the clothes you don’t need.

3. Buy used or second-Hand clothes

It is known that worn or used items have a smaller price tag as compared to new ones.

The next time you attempt browsing new clothes, why not try searching for goodwill or Salvation Army, or even the local consignment shop.

These are amazing places and can be awesome especially if you're looking for basic clothing items like jeans or just trying to enjoy the discovery of finding a great deal.

4. Buy during sales event

Buying clothes at sales events is a well-known tactic, but then, not all sales are the same.

The same shirt or pants you see may be sold for less in a week from now.

It is tricky to know when it’ll be lowest, but it is a great attempt to try it out.

5. Buy an amazing swimsuit

When preparing for a nice vacation, you might be tempted to stack up with lots of fun and inexpensive swimwear.

However, this will only cost you more money in the long run.

You not only buy more, but you’re also buying many craps and low-quality materials.

These materials will only end up costing you more money and time in the long run. They’d end up sagging and stretching before you know it.

However, it’s a great choice to invest in a very nice and well-made swimsuit which will last longer.

Wear, and maintain it. And it can last you up to three years.

6. Use online coupons

If you are really interested in how to save money on clothes and make purchase clothes at an amazing price, use coupons at checkout.

You can get coupons online for certain or specific retailers. There are coupons for almost all known items sold online, and you get amazing discounts.

Even up to 95% off.

There are some others which give you rebates or money back.

Fashionable clothes can be purchased online in shops like HatCountry, Nelly, etc. 

You can use coupons from sites such as Couppin to check out at HatCountry and pay even less.

7. Do not wash frequently

Although this might sound bad and perhaps smelly.

But by washing your clothes less frequently, you help the clothes last longer and even save your time and also utility costs.

This means you will not be replacing them as soon as you used to.

Clothes like sweaters and jeans can be worn a few more times before washing.

You might just air them, and they’re good. Apart from its insulating qualities, wool, in particular, seems to be an antiperspirant.

8. Be open to hand me downs

When buying clothes for children, you know it doesn’t fit for quite a long time.

You can ask your friends or family who have kids who are a little older than yours if they don’t mind passing on any clothes which are still in decent condition, and their kids no longer use or have outgrown.

The everyday staples might not serve this purpose because of stains from perhaps grass or juice, but the special occasion dress or outfits, including shoes, bags and other items which are less worn are very likely to serve this purpose.

It just makes perfect sense for you to do the same, pass clothes from your kids on to younger kids as well.

9 . Be careful of the prices in the outlet stores

Many stores claim they can save 50% to even 70% off the regular prices, but that's not the complete truth…

Most of these stores have items which are created specifically for them and which do not appear in the regular stores or shops.

These items could be of lower quality compared to the versions in the normal stores.

This means you are not saving anything at all (as against the 75% they claimed they saved for you, you only are buying substandard products, at, of course, a higher price - since its substandard). 

Part of these items of however could be some of the articles not sold in the previous season.

To know which of these the case is, you may need a little bit of extra research. But to be completely safe, simply stick to purchasing staples from the main stores.

Then if you want the trendier pieces, get them from the outlets.

10. Learn sewing

Learning to make some simple changes to clothes can save a lot of money.

However, it is not everyone who has the skill of sewing.

You can start by learning the simple and basic skills, such as hemming, replacing buttons, etc.

This alone might be the inspiration you need to go all out and learn sewing properly. You could help yourself and a few others too.

11. Care for your clothes

This is a no-brainer.

It is an open secret that taking care of your clothes will increase its lifespan.

Oh yeah!!! Mom was right.

As much as possible, avoid the dryer. Fold or hang your clothes properly.

While the clothing care tags are very easy to ignore, they are there for a reason. Read and adhere to them.

The above are simple yet effective ways of saving money on clothes.

You might not agree with a few (especially the advice of washing a few times lesser), but you can attempt the others which you find useful.

The thing is, they are all useful and should be tried out. The care for our clothes have been underrated when the issue of how to save money on clothes is being discussed.

Yet, it cannot be overemphasized in the issue of saving money on clothes.

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