Health & Wellness Tips To Stay Healthy This Winters

by Paul White Dietician

Winter has arrived and brings Carnivals, Christmas, New year celebrations with it. However, if you really want to enjoy all the winter festivals, it is vital to keep yourself and your family away from cold, cough & sore throats that typically occur in chilly weather. Worry not. This article has enlisted the essential tips to help you stay fit during the cozy winter season.

Undoubtedly, it is pretty tedious for health-conscious people who regularly exercise & consume a healthy diet to stay inside the door, watching TV, etc., all the time in winter. But, there are several things that you can do inside your home to boost your immunity and stay on the healthy side during winters. For instance, you can take multivitamin and liquid iron supplements to strengthen the immune system. The following tips will keep you from getting sick so that you can make your celebration a joyous one. Now, without wasting time, let us start.

  • Take Flu Shot

The chances of catching flu viruses increase in the winters. The best way to protect yourself from viral infections is to get the flu vaccination before winter. Although frequently washing hands can do so much, it cannot give you 100% protection from seasonal influenza. So, consult your physicians and get the flu shot today if you haven’t taken it yet. 

  • Consume Healthy Foods

What we consume has a significant impact on our well-being. And during winters, you need to be extra conscious with your meal plan to prevent yourself from falling ill. It would be better to eat a well-balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, etc. Also, dry fruits are great and healthy munching snacks, especially in the cold weather. This is because they are loaded with several nutrients like vitamins, protein, and fiber. Apart from these, some spices like cinnamon, rosemary, ginger, nutmeg are also beneficial for relieving cold & cough. You can put them in soups and curries to ward off winter sickness.

  • Consume Iron

You might not know how important it is to consume iron in winters. Let us explain why; iron is imperative to carry oxygen to every part of the body from the lungs. It acts as a coal furnace and keeps our bodies warm. The scarcity of this vital nutrient alleviates the production of energy and results in heat loss from the body, which eventually makes your body feel more prone to cold. That’s why it is crucial to take iron-rich food as well as other alternatives in iron. Various liquid iron supplements are available for adults and kids in the market. You can choose any after consulting the physician. 

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

The one common thing that most of us often forget in winters is drinking water. This can lead to dehydration regardless of the outside temperature. Our body loses plenty of fluids even in the cold weather. But, water is needed by our body to remove excess toxins and supply vital nutrients to each organ. Hence, you should drink the optimum amount of water even in winters to maintain your health.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

We prefer to remain inside the home during winters. But, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air. The micropollutants in indoor air can affect your health. Hence, it is crucial to improve the indoor air via vacuum cleaning, washing the bedsheets & sofa covers, and keeping the home clean. Don’t forget to change the air filters on time and take time to spend in the outer environment. 

  • Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to keep your bones and muscles healthy. Not just that, it can help in elevating your mood and boosting immunity. Sun is a good source of vitamin D, so sunbathing is excellent to increase this vital nutrient. However, if you reside in a place where most of the time, the weather remains cloudy, it is recommended to take vitamin D supplements. 

In Final Words-:

Wearing appropriate clothing and keeping yourself warm are also essential in winters. Hope you like the above article and consider the highlighted tips to keep your health up this winter.



Originally published at on December 11, 2021.

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