Health Benefits Of Olive Oil Cooking

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Numerous Health benefits of Olive Oil Cooking

Rich in Healthy Monosaturated Fat – The oil is extracted from olives in tress in a natural manner. Olives are fatty fruits. 73% of the olive oil is monosaturated fat known as oleic acid which is completely healthy. Only 24% is saturated fat content and Omega 3 and Omega6 fatty acids. The high monounsaturated fat helps in lowering of inflammations. It has an advantageous impact on the genes which are related to cancer formation. Since it is heat resistance food made with olive oil recipes can be an extremely healthy choice.

Antioxidant Presence in Large Amounts-  Olive oil benefits are endless. A modest quantity of Vitamin E and K and high quantities of antioxidants help in fighting some serious diseases.

Anti-inflammatory properties- One of the many reasons for liver diseases is chronic inflammations. Olive oil helps reduce inflammations. High inflammation can give rise to numerous ailments like cardiac arrest, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, arthritis or Alzheimer’s.

Prevention of Strokes- If any disturbance is there in the flow of blood to the brain it results in either bleeding or clotting. Either case it can lead to a stroke. Studies made in the past showcases people who consume olive oil have the lower risk to experience strokes.

Helps Fight Alzheimer’s Diseases- One of the most critical neurodegenerative diseases in the world are Alzheimer’s. A primary feature is the formation of beta-amyloid plaques inside the human brain cells. Using the olive oil can help in the removal of these plaques from the human brain cells.

Do Not Lead to Weight Gain/Obesity- Consumption of low cholesterol cooking oil like olive oil does not make you fat and lead to obesity. Even if it is consumed in a high quantity it does not cause a weight gain.

Keeps Safe from Heart Ailments- One of the common causes of death in the world is due to heart diseases. One of the primary health benefits of olive oil is that it helps safeguard from heart ailments through multiple mechanisms. It helps lowering down inflammations, enhances the blood vessel lining preventing unnecessary clotting and protects LDL cholesterol to get oxidized. It also lowers down blood pressure which can protect a person from facing death due to heart attacks.

Cooking With Olive Oil – The Technique

·         Extra virgin olive oil can be set aside for use in dressings, vinaigrettes and in dressings. One can stop using butter and use olive oil for brushing in cooked veggies or fishes or in baked potatoes.

·         For making any dips one can use some black pepper, basil, and rosemary along with sea salt over olive oil. This can create great bread or snacks dip.

·         Olive oil has a high smoke point of 4100 F which makes it an ideal one for using it as a deep frying medium. One can also use a mix of extra virgin oil and general olive oil for a fry or a sauté.

One cannot overstate the significances of the use of the right type of olive oil. An extra virgin olive oil is the one which comprises of antioxidants and various bioactive compounds.

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