Healing the Sore Manhood After Self-pleasuring Marathons

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Most men self-gratify. And when they do, they usually have their own unique way of getting the most out of the experience. For some, a quickie is all they need and they are on their way. But for others, a self-pleasuring marathon isn’t out of the question – and in fact, might be the norm. While this can be an interesting way for a guy to test his mettle or enjoy long hours of pleasure on a lonely night, the result can be a very sore manhood the next day.

So what’s a guy to do? Nobody wants to give up self-pleasuring marathons, but nobody wants a sore manhood, either. The key here is to know how to avoid a sore male organ if at all possible – and if it does happen anyway, knowing how to ease the sore skin is a sure way to get a guy back in shape in no time.

Preparing for the marathon

As the old wives’ tale says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s a saying that rings true for almost anything, and that includes self-pleasuring soreness. By taking a few steps before and during his marathon session, a guy can avoid the “cures” that he might be reaching for if he winds up with a sore manhood. Here’s what he can do.

1) Load up on creme. Though it can be tempting to try dry solo play, most men are going to wind up in a world of hurt if they do that as part of an all-day interlude. A guy should start out using creme and continue to do so, reapplying it when it wears away. This might mean using half a bottle or more, but that’s okay. Avoiding a sore manhood is worth it!

2) Vary the grip. Some men have their self-gratification routine down, and that’s fine for a quickie now and then. But those engaging in a marathon session might want to take their time and explore new worlds, so to speak. Changing up the grip can avoid too much pressure on one area of the member, which in turn helps a guy maintain good member sensation all over his equipment.

3) Remember no pain doesn’t mean no damage. When a man is really excited, he might ignore pain signals – or he might not feel them at all. It’s only in the aftermath that a guy realizes he hurt his delicate member skin. To compensate for this rush of hormones that cancel out the pain signals, a guy should stop periodically to consider what he’s doing, and whether he needs to change his grip or apply more creme.

What to do about a sore manhood

So what if the prevention steps didn’t work? Then it’s time to ease the sore manhood. Here’s how a guy can perform a little TLC for his favorite equipment.

1) Take some time off. A guy who is feeling the not-so-sweet fruits of his labor should take some time away from sensual activity while his member has a chance to heal. A few days of no touching should be enough to let the skin heal and rejuvenate.

2) Maintain good member care. In the meantime, good member care is essential. A guy should wash gently in the shower, never scrub, and pat the skin dry when he’s done. He should also take care to watch any irritations or abrasions on the member, so that he can tell if they are getting worse.

3) Use a male organ health crème. The skin will need a little boost in healing, which can be had with a top-notch member health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He should look specifically for a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E, which provide not only healing, but plenty of hydration to help a guy avoid the dry, sore manhood that can result from excessive self-pleasuring.

Visit for additional information on most common member health issues, tips on improving manhood sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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