Sore Manhood 101: Stop Doing These Things

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Every man is quite aware of the sudden, out of the blue member injury – one that results from moving the wrong way during exercise, thrusting in the wrong direction during sensual fun, or otherwise doing things that lead to an aching, throbbing member. Many of those things can’t be avoided; a man has to just tough it out. However, there are some things a man might be doing that can cause serious male organ pain, and he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. Then he wonders why he has a sore manhood!

Common Male Organ Pain Mistakes

Let’s take a look at the things a man can fix right now that will help improve his odds of not having a sore manhood.

- The death grip. When a man self-pleasures, sometimes he gets carried away. That can lead to the “death grip” when he holds his member so tightly that it restricts blood flow through the organ. Though this might feel great in the moment (especially if he’s going for a quickie), it can lead to serious pain right after the release, and that pain can persist. What’s more, he can actually damage the member skin by creating tiny micro-tears in the skin, which then can lead to infection. Talk about some male organ pain!

- Not using creme. Occasionally enjoying sensual fun without creme – perhaps some dry humping or a bit of dry self-gratification – can lead to a bit of pain, but it often goes away quickly if it was just one session. However, those who consistently go without lubing up might notice that they have a constantly sore manhood. The chafing and irritation can build up and not have a chance to heal, and that can lead to long term issues with member sensitivity. So it’s important to have creme nearby, and to use it when necessary.

- The wrong choice of protective device. Every man knows that when he’s having relations with someone who is not a monogamous partner, he needs to use protection. But what kind of protection? There are all sorts of rubbers out there that work well, but there are some that might leave a questionable residue or otherwise lead to a sore manhood. For instance, protective devices that contain warming agents, bright colors, or exotic flavorings can irritate the member. Even some basic ones that contain seed blockers can lead to a sore manhood is a man happens to be allergic or sensitive to that particular blocker. Check labels carefully to find the most natural protection as possible.

- Riding a bike. Though riding a bicycle with an inappropriately-sized seat is a quick way to male organ pain, riding a motorcycle can also lead to this problem. When someone is seated on a bicycle, the pressure is on the area around the member, and might restrict blood flow. That compression can lead to a sore manhood and sometimes to significant male organ pain. When a man is on a motorcycle, the seat is often quite comfortable and his weight tends to be on his rear; however, the constant vibrations of some motorcycle models can lead to a sore manhood when a long day’s ride is done.

- Not being protected during sports. Hey, let’s be honest: An athletic cup is quite uncomfortable. Nobody really wants to wear it. And sometimes, that might be fine; but what if it’s not? What if today is the day an errant foul ball bounces up into the junk? What if today is when that fellow player’s foot comes own on the private area during the tackle? Not wearing a cup can lead to serious male organ pain and might even lead to injury, depending upon how bad the situation is.

Sore Manhood Care

When dealing with a sore manhood, there are a few steps a man can take. A cool compress can help alleviate some discomfort, especially in the wake of an injury. He can also back off from the self-pleasuring or sensual activity for a few days to allow his member to heal. If there is swelling or bruising, a quick trip to the doctor is in order. And always, a man should use a top-notch member health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to ensure his skin stays smooth, supple, and as healthy as possible.

Visit for additional information on most common member health issues, tips on improving sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy member. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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