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The world is progressing in leaps and bounds with each passing day and the advancement in technology is taking place on daily basis. During old days the means of communication were very limited and people belonging to different areas of the world had no interaction with each other. With the passage of time people from all over the globe started to interact with one another for various purposes which included business as well as domestic purposes. With the introduction of reliable transportation means people started moving from one place to another in order to find means of income and business opportunities and the fact that people were moving also required them to find means of interaction in order to cover the distances between them.

A huge landmark in the history of mankind was the invention of the telephone by Graham Bell as it laid the foundation for advancement in this technology. A man is a social animal by nature and human beings frequently need to communicate with each other as every human is part of a community and each and every one has a role to play in society. The invention of a telephone set provides the ideal solution for human race who wanted to communicate over long distances without having to travel from one place to another.

As time passed the telephonic devices got better and more advanced and it also led to a variety of other communications means whose sole purpose was to make interaction easier for people across the globe. Since the introduction of efficient and nice working communication system, the world has evolved into a global village and it has become easy and economical for people from all around the globe to interact with each other. The introduction of internet technology has also brought a technological revolution in the world and the communication means were never that simple and inexpensive become internet technology was introduced.

But now with the introduction of the internet an advanced technology has been introduced which is widely used by every nation no matter how advanced or progressive they are is the interaction carried out through VOIP.VOIP stands for Voice over the internet and it works in such a way that it converts the analog signals into digital signals and ensures that the audio signals are transmitted and communicated to the desired destination successfully. The requirement for VOIP conversations is an internet connection which is nowadays available all over the globe and conversations have become very easy to manage no matter what field of life you belong to.

The VOIP based conversations can be carried out through a computer having the reliable internet connection or through desk phones which have been specifically designed in order to be used along with advanced VOIP technology. The VOIP phones are very helpful in professional environments and aid the professionals in carrying out their daily work routine with maximum productivity.

As the communication means improved with the passage of time it also leads to an enhancement in the technology related to communication and several devices was introduced in the market whose purpose was to make communications better, smoother and more reliable. One of the major devices which are a vital part of any type of communications taking place is a headset device or headset accessories. In addition to aiding in seamless communications headsets also enable the users to enjoy their favorite music tracks as well as favorite movies, seasons, gaming, and series.

The entertainment industry has flourished immensely over the years and latest technology is being used in order to provide the viewers with the best possible entertainment means possible. Sophisticated sound effects are added in these amazing series, movies, games, music and other such entertainment factors so that users experience an enriched and remarkable visual and audio experience. People belonging to all age groups like to listen to their favorite music no matter what activity they are involved in whether it involves traveling, walking or working. The headsets devices have been invented in order to enable the users to listen to their favorite music without disturbing others and enjoy the tracks to the fullest. The headsets are also designed for game lovers which enable them to avoid missing even the minor sound details of the game and enable them to enjoy it to the fullest.

The professional environment also requires a high quality and well-functioning headset and headset accessories as communications are a major part of the daily work routine of any organization whether it is a customer care center, a stock exchange building, an IT center or any other such workplace. The cell density is high in all these kinds of office environments and in order to perform well and be productive at work, it is mandatory to carry out communications in an effective and efficient manner which is possible only due to a remarkable and highly functioning headset or headphone device.

History of Headsets and Headphones

The need of a headset device was felt when advancement in communications took place and people needed to interact with each other without losing their privacy. People also need to convey secure conversations and interact with each their without disturbing everyone around them. Even listening to your favorite music might also feel like a disturbance to other so in order to avoid all such issues there was an immense need to invent a headsets device which assured the users with providing smooth communications with the security of information transference and clarity of conversation.

The first ever headsets were invented in the year 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin who was a student at Stanford University when he made this invention. This was a huge benchmark in technology and it laid the foundation to the present headsets and headphone devices. The first headsets were sold to US army and were not available to the public. People belonging to aviation field played a very vital role in the evolution of headsets as they wanted to have a lighter pair of headsets during a flight in order to be comfortable. The first lightweight headsets were invented in the 1960s by two airline pilots while they were working in their garage. The introduction of lightweight headsets was a huge benchmark in the history of headsets and changed the way headsets were made.

Due the era of 1990s mobile phones became common among the people belonging to all walks of life and in order to manufacture headsets which were convenient to be used along with these smartphones wireless headsets and headphones were also introduced in the market so that users could enjoy wireless freedom and can multitask during their time in office. With the introduction of Bluetooth technology, the headsets and headphones also evolved and headset devices with more advanced technologies and sophisticated features were made in order to satisfy the customers. With each passing year, the headset industry flourished and devices were introduced which made it easier for users to carry out their daily work responsibilities and be productive.

What are Headsets?

The headset is a set of headphones combined with a microphone providing the users with a complete package.Sometimes the headsets are also equipped with an additional base whose purpose is to provide users with controls to adjust settings of the headset systems. The microphone is attached to the headset through a boom arm which can be rotated by the user according to their needs and requirements. Some headsets also have an in-line microphone attached to it which enables the users to carry out their conversations and transfer the audio to the desired destination with clarity and effectiveness. The microphone is attached to the cord and in case of wireless headsets, the microphone is attached to the ear pads so that users are able to convey their audio to the other end of the call and enjoy clear communications.

The complete package provided to the users while using a headset has proven to be extremely useful for users of all types especially in locations where background noises exist and clarity of conversation is required in order to avoid any type of missed information. The headsets are ideal for use in order to carry out communication via Voice over IP technology using amazing services including Skype, Whatsapp and other such services which can be used through interacting with any phone systems for better communications. The headsets are also extremely useful for game lovers who love playing games which involve voice communications and many other purposes.

What are Headphones?

A headphone, on the other hand, consists of two or a single speaker attached to a band which is designed in order to adjust the earbud speakers in such a manner that they are positioned on the human ears. The headphones are available for users in a number of different wearing styles and designs and can be chosen according to the personal preference of the users and their comfort level. Wearing headphones provides the users with an immersive and personal listening experience so that users can enjoy private conversations and their favorite tracks as well.

Differences between Headsets and headphones

The major difference between a headset and a headphone is that a headset provides the users with a complete package as it includes a microphone and an occasionally a base too which is used to control various functionalities of the headset whereas headphones consists of a pair of speakers which is used in order to receive audio for any business related or domestic purposes. Headsets occasionally consist of a base also which contains controls in order to manage various other functionalities supported by a headsets systems which might include indicator light for busy status, mute controls, increasing or decreasing volume controls, Active noise cancellation, whispered alerts and all other such sophisticated functionalities which are embedded in the headsets in order to facilitate the users and enable them to be more productive at work.

Pros and Cons of Headsets

Headsets have a number of pros and cons like any other technological device available for users in the market. The pros of a headsets system include that it provides the users with a complete power package in a single piece. A single headset or headsets system consists of a headphone, a mike and base sometimes which can be used to control the functioning of the headset system. In some cases, the base consists of a touchscreen and a compatible software installation guide is displayed on the screen so that users can setup the headset easily without any difficulty. The boom arm available in the headsets enables the users to adjust the boom arm according to their requirements and needs and enables them to adjust it in the desired position. The flexible boom arm can be placed near the mouth in order clarity of conversation and the microphone can be moved away from the face when the users do not need to communicate. The headsets consist of the more sophisticated set of features as compared to headphones and can be used in order to carry out professional duties and other important conversation in a very impressive manner. The cons of headset include that due to a wide range of features the headsets are available inexpensive price ranges and are not affordable for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Headphones

The pros of headphones include that due to the simple set of features they contain they are available in reasonable price ranges as compared to headset systems. The cons include the fact that the functionality and features of a headphone are simple due to which the headphones are not suitable for use in professional environments where call density is fairly high and the success and progress of the organization is dependent solely upon the communications.

Significance of Headsets and Headphones in our lives

The significance of headsets and headphones in our lives cannot be ignored as they have become a mandatory part of our everyday routine no matter what age group, profession, field or area we belong to. The world has become a global village in recent years and people from all over the world no matter what region, language or ethnicity they belong to have a dire need to communicate with each other in order to achieve goals and make progress in any field of life. The modern communication means are extremely reliable and easily accessible by everyone and in order to make conversations better than ever, devices like headsets and headphones are introduced which have a sole purpose of making the conversations sound clearer and seamless.

Professional environments including customer care centers, stock exchange buildings, IT centers and other such types of business environments where high call volume is observed throughout the day choosing a high-quality headset is vitally important as the whole revenue of this type of organization depends upon the communications devices including headsets. Even for people who are music lovers they also need a nice pair of headsets in order to enjoy all the high and low notes of their favorite music tracks. Game lovers also need headsets which enable them to pay attention to even the minor audio details and enjoy their gaming sessions.

Headsets have been provided to the users belonging to several categories which include wireless, corded, Bluetooth, sports, customer care and other such types of headsets. People who like to listen to their favorite music during a workout session or while playing sports in a sports arena headsets have been specifically designed which enables the users to manage calls as well listen to upbeat music along with other activities. The introduction of wireless technology has also provided the users with the freedom to move around the workplace or other remote locations nans still manage their calls in an efficient manner.

The introduction of Bluetooth also brought a huge revolution in technology and data transfer has never been easier from one device to another. The modern headsets and headphones also have embedded Bluetooth technology which enables the users to connect with any device which has Bluetooth technology support and makes it very easy for users to manage their important calls or listen to their favorite music tracks by connecting their headsets to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, Pcs via Bluetooth.

The headsets are also available in a variety of wearing style which includes in-ear, behind the ear, behind the neck, over the head, behind the ear wearing styles. The wearing style and built of the headsets and headphone devices are made comfortable so that users can wear them throughout the day or during long hours of gaming etc. without feeling any type of exertion or pressure on head or shoulders. The headsets are ergonomically designed to avoid causing any type of health hazards to users and enable them to enjoy seamless conversations.

Best Headsets and Headphones to buy in 2017

A huge variety of brands have been introduced in the market in order to provide the users with amazing quality products. The top brands producing remarkable headsets include Sony, Plantronics, Bose, Skullcandy, Jabra, Sennheiser, Apple and various other names. The availability of so many good quality headsets have made the market competitive and users are presented with a large variety to choose from while looking for a new pair of headsets. Amazing quality headsets are available belonging to all the headsets categories including wireless headsets, corded headsets, Sports headsets, Gaming headsets, Contact center headsets, Bluetooth headsets, etc. Users are able to buy their desired headset or headphone o quite reasonable price ranges due to this competitive market.

Best Corded Headsets

Corded headsets have a high audio quality and amazing performance with reasonable prices. The best available corded headsets are listed below:

  • Plantronics HW251

  • Jabra BIZ 1900

  • Sennheiser CC 510

  • Plantronics HW261N

  • Jabra Evolve 40 MS

  • Jabra UC Voice 750 Mono

  • Plantronics Entera HW111N

  • Agent 402 QD

Best Wireless Headsets

Wireless technology has taken the technical world by storm providing users with the freedom to move around and still manage their calls or entertainment. The best wireless headsets are mentioned below:

  • Optoma NuForce BE Sport3

  • Jabra Move Wireless

  • Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

  • Sony MDR-1000X

  • Bose QuietComfort 35

  • Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

  • Sennheiser PXC 550

  • AKG N60NC Wireless

  • Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

  • Beats X

Best Bluetooth Headsets

The introduction of Bluetooth technology is a huge milestone and has enabled the users to achieve connectivity with a wide range if devices in order to transfer date and other purposes. The best Bluetooth headsets are mentioned below:

  • Beats BeatsX

  • JBL Reflect Mini BT

  • Plantronics Voyager 5200

  • Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

  • Plantronics Voyager Edge

  • Jabra Halo Smart

  • Jabra Steel

  • Plantronics Explorer 500

  • VXi Blueparrott S450-XT

Best Office or Contact Center Headsets

An effective and efficient communication is undoubtedly the most important and vital part of a customer care center as the activities taking place in this office environment involves frequent interaction with customers throughout the day and in order to achieve this goal high-quality conversations are mandatory. The success of any office or customer care center majorly depends upon the reliable and seamless conversations which ensure customer satisfaction. The best office and contact center headsets are listed below:

  • Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset.

  • Jabra Motion Office Wireless UC Headset.

  • Jabra BIZ 1900.

  • Jabra EVOLVE 65 UC Stereo Wireless Headsets.

  • Sennheiser MB Pro 1.

  • Plantronics Voyager Legend CS Wireless Headset System.

  • Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset.

  • Sennheiser D10.

  • Jabra Evolve 40 MS Stereo Headset

  • Plantronics Savi W440.

Best Sports Headsets

Listing to your favorite music tracks or managing your calls during a workout session or during your time in a sports arena is made possible due to the introduction of gaming headsets which provide users with a secure fit.

  • 808 Audio Ear Canz

  • Jaybird X3

  • JBL Reflect Mini BT

  • Bose SoundSport Wireless

  • Jabra Sport Coach

  • JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Skullcandy Method Wireless

  • Altec Lansing Waterproof In-Ear Earbuds

  • Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless

  • Samsung Gear IconX

Best Gaming Headsets

Game lovers need quality headsets enabling them to enjoy games to the fullest. The best gaming headsets include:

  • Asus ROG Centurion 7.1

  • Razer ManO'War

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha

  • Turtle Beach XO Three

  • V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

  • Astro A50 Wireless

  • SteelSeries Siberia 840

  • Turtle Beach 350 Stealth VR

  • SteelSeries Arctis

  • HyperX Cloud Stinger

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