4 Safe Yet Effective Treatment Options for Kids with Acne

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Acne can be triggered by so many different things. While doctors say it can be linked with the puberty stage, other parents think the other way around, especially if they have had pre-teens who experienced some sort of early acne.

The sad truth is that acne doesn’t just leave a mark on the face. It also leaves an emotional impact to the sufferer. That is why treatment is very important, particularly for those who has had acne at an earlier age.

So, how can kids with acne be treated?

1. Good Skin Care Habits

Of course, best acne treatment begins with good skin care routines. Once these habits are properly established, controlling and getting rid of acne will become easier.

When we talk about skin care, we often overlook our hands. And considering that we’re solving the problem of acne among kids, know that they are notorious for not hand washing. The hands are one of the major sources of dirt and bacteria. If rubbed on the face, whatever is in the hands will transfer to the face. The good thing is that proper hand washing habits may reduce the dirt and bacteria that cause acne.

It is a good rule of thumb to clean the face regularly. Ideally, it has to be done twice a day.

2. Preventing Sun Exposure

Because kids enjoy spending a lot of their time playing outdoors, you might want to invest in a sunscreen that won’t cause skin irritations or won’t trigger acne. When looking for a sunscreen, be sure to choose one that is not too thick and not too oily. Also, make sure it has an SPF rating of at least 45. If you find it hard to look for one, you can try different sunscreens until you find one that suits your child’s skin care needs.

3. Use Acne Products That Are Safe for Kids

These days, there are plenty of acne-fighting products sold in supermarkets and drug stores. So, it’s not surprising that you might end up confused picking which one is best for your child. But don’t worry. Here is something you can keep in mind.

If you will buy a cleanser for your child, look for one that has a salicylic acid ingredient. This is known to go deeper into the clogged pores of the skin, dissolving and dirt of clogs that cause blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Also, you might want to find a product with benzoyl peroxide. It is also effective at eliminating any acne-causing dirt.

4. Combat Acne Together

In their fight against acne, kids should not feel alone. Parents should be involved in the process. Aside from teaching them proper skincare habits, they should also equip their kids with the right tools to manage acne.

Then again, if the situation becomes worse, it is best that you speak with a dermatologist. He will be able to give appropriate treatment suggestions that are safe for your kid.

Hopefully, with our tips, you can help your children in taking care of their acne problems and help them become more confident of themselves!

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