Having a sense of purpose makes life easier and helps in reaching the goals

by Jignesh Barasara Entreprenuer

Sense of purpose is simply the motivation or purpose of life which drives you towards the future. You as a piece of life are very important as this is the basis of everything. Purpose gives you energy which leads you to move towards a satisfying future. It is forward-looking directionality. It brings lifelong benefits.

When you have a sense of purpose it leads to different feelings like feelings of joy, happiness or satisfaction, better physical health and lower risk of death, etc. There are various benefits of having a sense of purpose suggested by Jignesh Barasara who don’t need any introduction. He is such a great motivational speaker of the country who motivates people and helps them to find their purpose. He has helped several people to come out of depression and helped them in moving towards a positive future with aim.

The benefits of having a sense of purpose:

  • ·       Purpose increases happiness as people without any purpose in life are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and boredom, etc.
  • ·        Purpose of life reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke as the purpose will keep you involved and happy which will reduce the risks.
  • ·        Purpose helps prevent dementia which is a serious mental problem caused by brain disease or injury. It may affect the ability to think, memorize or behave normally.
  • ·        Purpose has a positive effect on academics as those who have a purpose in life perform better in academics and people without purpose are more likely to perform less.
  • ·        It helps in increased optimism, hope, and resiliency.

We often derive our purpose from our talents and skills or what we feel passionate about and what we value in our life. Pursuing our purpose can help us bring our choices, motivate us and give us direction in life. If we are having a sense of purpose, we can educate others. Also, we can inspire them while we gain satisfaction. A person who is having a purpose in life receives a positive reward and it is associated with satisfaction helps you move forward and feel motivated. 

We can find the purpose in our lives in many ways like short-term purpose and long-term purpose. The purpose of life is an individual choice depending on what we value and what is fulfilling us. It also changes over time. Like, for example, graduating from so and so university was the purpose of one’s life earlier but now it has been changed to working in his or her chosen field or likes to become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer to support the family. Yet for some people, their purpose has always been there which is defining their life such as mother Teresa selflessly served the poor.

In the end, what is most important in life is identifying a goal or aim to have a positive meaning because you can reap both psychological and physical benefits. You have to work towards it because without a goal or aim, you can’t have any positive emotion and so technically that’s the incentive reward system.

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