Hatchbacks – The Best Family Cars in India

by Maruti Suzuki Best Cars in India
A family car essentially refers to a standard four wheeler vehicle that is big enough to fit in a family and is also versatile. It has to be efficient in terms of performance, pack in a lot of space, have on-the-mark safety aspects, and decent running costs.
Hatchbacks seem to tick all the right boxes when it comes to being a family car. Some of the reasons for this are listed below –

Size is one of the key elements that differentiates hatchbacks from other cars, say sedans, and makes them a perfect fit for families. With hatchbacks going over about 3000 mm in length and 1400 mm in width, they usually stand out in size from other models.  Packed within their sporty bodies comes a lot of space which is adequate to fit in a family of 4-5 members.
Although certain features differ with different brands and models, some of the best hatchbacks in India, given their tall boy looks, feature good ground clearance too.

Despite the fact that every car is tested for safety before being retailed out in the market, the belief that the bigger the car the safer it is, runs deep. Since hatchbacks offer a lot of cabin space and huge crumple zone within their metal bodes, you will escape with minimum injuries, if you were involved in a minor crash.
These days, modern hatchbacks come equipped with smart technologies and safety tools, such as headlamps and anti-theft systems, alongside their safer designs.

Price is one of the surprising features of hatchbacks and in a good way. Even though they pack in a multitude of noteworthy features, hatchbacks are greatly affordable. They conveniently fit the budgets of mid-income group families. That’s not all. Hatchbacks are more fuel efficient as well. Another big advantage on the cost front that you will receive on investing in one of the best hatchbacks in India is cheaper car insurance.

It is safe to say that hatchbacks are really practical cars. Hatchbacks are by far more spacious than sedans and more affordable than SUVs. Unlike a sedan, you don’t have to worry about squeezing in people or things into your hatchback. It also won’t require you to search for huge parking space like SUVs do. You get to extract good utility out of your hatchback and for a really low price too. Given the safety and security that modern-day hatchbacks pack in, they are just the right family cars to have.

With their compact designs and modest features, hatchbacks are easy on the eyes in terms of aesthetics. However, manufacturers nowadays are increasingly opting for unique styling possibilities for their hatchbacks too, while retaining their original subtle looks.

Other than the above-mentioned, some of the best hatchbacks in India also have good resale values, which place them even higher in the ranks of family cars. So, for families that own hatchbacks, the situation is pretty much win-win all the time.

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