Hair Care Routine For Pregnant Women

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Haircare Routine For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life. During pregnancy, a woman’s hair, skin and body as a whole undergoes changes as the baby develops. Many women experience good hair growth during pregnancy. However, there are some who experience hair fall during pregnancy.  If you are looking for natural solutions to hair care and want to know more about how best to take care of your hair during and after pregnancy then here are some tips you should follow to maintain healthy hair.

How can I take care of my hair during pregnancy? 

During pregnancy, a lot of women focus on eating healthy and nutritious foods to ensure their baby is healthy. They often neglect their skin and hair which are also affected by the changes in hormones. Here are some tips you can follow to take care of your hair naturally.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

While we all know the benefits of drinking water for our skin, it works wonders for your hair too. It is estimated that one-quarter of our hair shaft is made up of water which makes it important to drink water. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure your hair is nourished and promote growth.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Hair needs vitamins, minerals and proteins to grow and keep itself healthy. Ensure that you are consuming a balanced diet during pregnancy to keep your body, skin and hair healthy. Healthy sources of protein include milk and yoghurt, nuts and seeds and chicken. Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, grains and legumes are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are important for healthy skin and hair.

  1. Get regular oil massages done
    Head massages with natural hair oil has a host of benefits. Not only does it help relax the head and help in sleeping better, but it also helps improve the blood circulation which leads to healthier hair. 

When choosing a hair oil, opt for one that is free from mineral oil and chemicals and ideally has a combination of natural oils including Amla and Bhringraj which have been used since ages for hair care. Amla oil, a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, is known to strengthen the hair from within. Amla and Bhringraj oils when used together also help control hair fall. 

Get the goodness of amla for hair in The Moms Co.’s Natural Hair Strengthening Oil! Enriched with 8 natural oils including Amla, Bhringraj and Coffee, the Natural Hair Strengthening Oil is tested to improve hair strength by 77% and effectively reduces hair fall. It also reduces hair thinning and keeps the hair nourished.

The Natural Hair Strengthening Oil has eight natural oils including Amla, Bhringraj and Coffee along with Tea Tree, Macadamia Nut Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Argan Kernal Oil and Natural Vitamin E which prevents breakage of hair

  1. Use natural hair care products
    Haircare products typically contain harsh chemicals such as Sulphates, Parabens and Silicones which can strip the skin of moisture or irritate your eyes, nose and skin. Choose natural hair products which are free from harmful chemicals and toxins to maintain the health of your hair. Choose shampoos and conditioners with Coconut-based cleansers instead of Sulphates as they are mild and gentle and cleanse hair without stripping the skin of natural oils.

  1. Get your hair trimmed regularly

Trimming your hair regularly will help your hair grow in a healthy manner and reduce dryness at the tips and split ends. Getting your hair trimmed at regular intervals will help improve the quality and texture of the hair. It will also help prevent hair damage and help control hair breakage.

  1. Refrain from getting chemical or heat treatments done

Keratin and other chemical treatments contain harsh chemicals which can cause skin irritation and react with the scalp. The chemicals can also be absorbed through the scalp and enter your body. Heat treatments, on the other hand, can affect your hair adversely and lead to hair fall, hair breakage and damage. It’s best to refrain from using artificial hair colours, chemical treatments and heat-based hair treatments done to prevent hair damage. 

  1. Use a hair serum

A natural Silicone-free hair serum has many benefits for the hair. Not only does it protect the hair from damage caused by pollution, harsh sun rays and other environmental factors, it also helps repair hair structure and avoid split ends and hair damage. A natural hair serum also helps smoothen hair cuticles and prevents frizziness which leads to softer, healthier hair. Choose a protein serum for hair which has natural ingredients such as Wheat and Pea Proteins along with Marula oil and Argan oil which can prevent hair from damage, restore softness, and condition the hair leaving it feeling soft and silky.

  1. Choose loose hairstyles
    Tight hairstyles can put undue pressure on your hair which can lead to hair breakage and damage. These can also lead to headaches. Avoid tying your hair in a tight bun, braids or ponytails. It’s best to choose natural, loose hairstyles which don’t hurt your hair and scalp and help prevent hair damage. 

What helps dry hair during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your skin and hair undergo changes due to a surge in hormone levels. This, in turn, can lead to problems such as dryness in hair. One of the best ways to combat hair dryness is to choose Sulphate-free products such as natural hair shampoo which has Coconut-based cleansers which gently clean the hair without stripping it of natural oils. Choose a shampoo with natural ingredients such as Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil which nourishes and strengthens dry hair and prevents hair damage.

Apart from using a natural shampoo, it’s also important to use a good hair conditioner. The best conditioner for dry hair has natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Castor oil and Moroccan Argan oil which restores moisture, soothes dryness and softens hair.

Once you have created a regime with natural hair care products and incorporated a natural hair oil in it, it will keep pregnancy hair fall in check by deeply nourishing and moisturizing your hair. 

By following this regime regularly, maintaining a healthy diet and going for regular trims, you can keep your hair healthy in the long run. While many women experience postpartum hair fall due to changes in hormone levels, following a healthy hair care regime will ensure that you don’t experience a lot of hair fall and damage during and after pregnancy.

There are certain ingredients in hair care products which you should avoid such as Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral oil and Silicones as these can irritate the skin, clog pores and cause dryness. All of this can create problems for your hair in the long run. Choose natural, toxin-free hair and skincare products to ensure that you don’t expose yourself to toxins. It’s also important to ensure that you get adequate sleep and remain stress-free during pregnancy to keep your body relaxed and healthy. Taking out time for your hobbies, spending time with friends and family members and creating a healthy routine will help you stay happy. If you are thinking of taking supplements for healthy hair then its best to check with your doctor before you do so and follow their advice. 

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