Guide To Prenatal Yoga For All Expectant Mothers

by Yoga Samaadhi Yoga Instructor

Most women find it difficult to maintain their body, while pregnant. There are numerous changes that the body goes through, when you carry a life in the womb. It is certainly god’s gift to mankind. The gestation period for humans last for 36-40 weeks, on an average. However, you must divide the duration into trimesters. Each woman goes through three trimesters, during the gestation period. It is quite important to mention, that all kinds of yoga poses may not be suitable for everyone. The same principle applies to expectant mothers. The Yoga Teacher Training Course in Chiang Mai will help you to find out ways to enhance and enrich one’s body and mind during this period.

If you are looking for self-development, or want to conduct classes at a maternity hospital, this is the right time, to enroll for a special course. The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai is surely going to take your career to the next level. There will be more options, to enrol students who are in any of the trimesters. So, what is it all about? You can surely find that out here.

What Can It Do For Pregnant Women?

 When a woman is pregnant, the body goes through a huge transformation. One might feel, that the body has been taken over by an alien. No matter, what fitness schedules one followed earlier will simply not work. The body does get out of control. When you do yoga, every time and moment is different. The same applies to the woman’s body, during the gestation period. Additionally, many women also develop different illness like diabetes, in this very period.

You will learn various yoga poses, modifications, and alignments as a part of the Yoga Teacher Training Course in Chiang Mai. The safety considerations are of utmost importance as well. Yoga is mostly considered safer than other forms of exercises during the gestation period. It is also safe for the unborn. Moreover, you have to adapt the poses according to the stage of the baby. Throughout the period of pregnancy, the body produces a hormone called relaxin. It helps in the expansion of the womb and the surrounding skin, to facilitate the baby’s growth. Therefore, you can expect to get more flexible, than during normal times. However, most women make one mistake, and that is, they tend to overstretch the body. If you overstretch, you stand to de-stabilize the joints and ligaments as well. Additionally, there is this danger of falling. If you want to stay away from accidents, you must know which poses to practice and which not to.

You ought to skip any breathing exercise, that makes the head light. Moreover, excessive heat-producing exercises are also to be avoided.

Let us find out, what Yoga Samadhi has on offer, in the course. As a teacher, you may get pregnant ladies in your class. So, you should take responsibility and guide them in the right manner.

Trimester-wise Yoga Practice

You should be learning about the practices for all three trimesters in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai. It mainly points towards sequencing, modifications, and alignments.

· First Trimester – In the first three months, postural changes are less. The reason being that the belly is still in its original size. However, you have to get the body into the habit of some movement. There might be a feeling of tightness around the lower belly at this time. Many women also feel nauseous. So, some carefulness is divine. One can continue with the regular routine around these three months.

· Second Trimester – One can start with yoga poses and practices, in the second trimester. It happens to be the ideal time. As the belly expands, one should stop doing poses that require one to be in the prone position. Moreover, as a teacher, you have to ensure that your expectant student is not twisting and contorting the body too much.

· Third Trimester – Finally, in the third trimester, the belly becomes a huge factor. One can mainly do standing postures. You should also discourage students from taking a wider stance, as they may be susceptible to fall. Inversions are also not to be done around this time. Around 26 yoga postures can be tried out, in this trimester. It has already been scientifically validated. They include Downward Dog pose and Corpse pose.

You will also get to teach yoga to students, who are absolute beginners. They may be leading a hectic life, and the pregnancy period might be their off time to get into a yoga class. As a teacher, you have to take it slowly with such students. Hip openers are a strict no-no, so you should not attempt these. But you can always suggest lighter ones, like stable standing asanas. Always ask the students to take assistance from a wall or stationary object. The classes at Yoga Samadhi school are very informative. So, you will gain a lot of knowledge.

The main aim of the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai, is to equip you with the right tools, so that you can teach different sets of students. Pregnant women form a considerable chunk, as yoga is considered to be safe at this time. Some of the postures, that you can ask your students to do are the cat-cow posture, warrior posture, Cobbler’s posture, and Legs-up-against a wall. The latter one is a treatment for swollen ankles, which is a very common problem for expectant mothers.

You can also ask your students to come back to class, after the delivery. Doctors ask for a resting period of six weeks, after which the body’s natural healing process kicks in. You can also start mother and baby classes. Keep expanding your boundaries with yoga as your friend. That is what the learned gurus at the ashram in Chiang Mai will tell you. Get the best training in the serene ambience of the Northern Thai mountains, today.

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