Guardian of Spines: Dr. Sajan K Hegde's Heroic Efforts in Restoring Lives

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Scoliosis is an ailment that causes a strange curve of the backbone, or backbone. The spine has ordinary bends while looking from the side; however it ought to show up straight while looking from the front. Kyphosisis a bend inside the spine visible from the perspective where the spine is bent forward, There is an ordinary kyphosis in the center (thoracic) spine. Lordosis is a bend seen from the side where the spine is bend in backward. There might be a customary lordosis in the top (cervical) spine and the lower (lumbar) spine.

When Scoliosis Surgery is Required?

Scoliosis surgery is not medically necessary in the vast majority of cases. Scoliosis is only hazardous if a kid younger than five years of age has extreme spinal deformation. While the lungs aren't in any way evolved, there might be a likelihood that scoliosis could make the heart forestall (cor pulmonale). Most specialists agree that after age five; just a scoliosis bend estimating in more of 100 degrees would be perilous to your kid's heart. However, surgery is often prematurely advised when a teenager's scoliosis bend estimates north of 40 degrees. It likewise gets suggested before kids are developing — as youthful as age 14.

Why Global Patients Prefer Traveling to India to Get treated by Dr Sajan K Hedge Apollo Chennai?

The cost and burden of voyaging is definitely worth a scoliosis treatment experience that will last you a lifetime. Over a decade ago Dr Sajan K Hegde spine surgeon at Apollo hospital Chennai started out on a journey to find "a better way" to treat scoliosis,  a way that zeroed in on treating the actual condition itself, and as of no longer just the spinal curve, a way that delivered no side results or pain for the patient, a non-invasive method for preparing the train how to figure out how to keep the spine in a straighter position naturally, and a way to permit a children to in any case be a kid, presently not a condition. After appointment with Dr Sajan Hegde Apollo Chennai his technique is the most extensive and effective accessible — showing a higher success rate than customary supporting, chiropractic cure, or actual remedy. Dr Sajan K Hegde spine surgeon India has created the first scoliosis treatment system in India to include options that address these systems that are creating and controlling spinal deformity. 

Dr. Sajan K Hegde Trusted Spine Care Specialists in India

Dr Sajan K Hegde spine specialist India offers safe, delicate, and exceptionally effective care for a wide scope of conditions influencing the human frame, including scoliosis. After appointment with Dr Sajan Hegde Apollo Chennai treatment given by him are by cutting edge innovation that further improves he offers the best recovery of a scoliosis patient. Dr Sajan K Hegde spine surgeon India only accepts those that he believes he can help. What this means to you is that he will not waste your time or his time treating you or any in your family if he is not sure of his abilities. If the curvature is not treatable conservatively, he will inform you of that fact and even provides surgical referrals should the need arise. Rest assured that you are in good hands after appointment with Dr Sajan Hegde Apollo Chennai.

Why Global Patients Choose Spine and Neuro Surgery Service India?

Spine and neuro surgery service India takes care of everything that you require during your medical visit to India for a simple and stress free stay. To make your journey as easy as viable, we are able to assist deal with all the formalities required such that you can focus to your treatment while we do the rest. Most of our companion medical doctors / surgeons have trained or labored in a number of the best medical institutions the world over. International patients are taken care of by in particular skilled nurses, and different desires are taken care of by way of guest family members executives, like lodging for the accomplice, shopping, interpreters, currency exchange, tourism packages and so on. 

To seek an appointment with Dr Sajan K Hegde Apollo Hospital Chennai, you can contact mobile number : +91-93258-87033 and email address your medical reports :

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