Greenhouse Farming in India- An Affordable Advancement in the Farming Sector

by Rise Hydroponics Hydroponics Farming in India

The latest advancements in agricultural technology has come up with the very trending and attractive Greenhouse Farming, which is gaining high momentum within progressive farmers of the country. This farming system provides better results as compared to traditional farming, being simple yet productive. The acceptance of the system has led to a rise in the number of greenhouse manufacturers in India since it put forward a sustainable and productive way of farming.

Polyhouse farming system is a subset of greenhouse farming which grows plants in a controlled environment in polyhouses providing optimum growth conditions to the plants, minimizing the influence of the external environment. It is the type of greenhouse farming incurring lowest cost and polyhouse agriculture is found to minimize crop losses and damage along with increased quality and productivity. And when greenhouse farming is incorporated with hydroponic set up, the results could be astonishingly huge. It helps in eliminating the use of chemical pesticides and insecticides, increases water use efficiency and the hydroponic solution ensures optimal absorption of nutrients by the plant roots thereby increasing the quality of the produce.

Advancements offered by greenhouse farming in India

·         Better Production

This farming system ensures better production of crops compared to traditional farming methods, minimizing the losses and damages. The production is found to be 10 to 12 times better than the conventional farming methods. The production, at the same time, depends on the type of crop, greenhouse type, and the environment.

·         Reliability and quality of crops

Better production of crops doesn’t hamper the quality and reliability of the crop in such farming systems. The crops are provided with the optimum growth conditions and all unfavourable factors are controlled in the greenhouses, ensuring proper growth and development of the crop. This continuous monitoring helps in maintaining the quality standards of the produce.

·         Better and sustainable use of resources

Greenhouse farming focuses on the judicious use of natural resources, minimizing its depletion. The system carries out better, planned and efficient use of resources.

·         Off-season production and protection

With the development of greenhouse farming, the off-season production of crops is no longer an impossible thing to do. The crops are cultivated in a controlled environment and are monitored regularly for any sort of deficiencies or pest attack, making the greenhouse farming to earn more benefits. It could be life saving in situations of threatened climatic changes.

·         Minimize production risk

It helps in protecting the crop from sudden changes in climate and losses due to animal and bird intervention.

·         Maximize Profits

Several studies show that the profit earned per plant per square feet through greenhouse farming coupled with hydroponics is two to three times more than the traditional methods.

·         Increased pest, weed and disease control

Restricted, closed space of a greenhouse helps in effective control of pest, weed and disease incidences.

·         More stability and security

Year-round production characteristic of greenhouse farming provides stability and security not only to the crop production and supply, but also to the workers and persons engaged in the production process.

·         Production of high value crops

Greenhouse farming can be well-utilized for the production of high value medicinal plants, flowers etc. and helps in fetching better returns and regular supply.


Things to be taken care of

·         Greenhouses are more effective for the production of vegetable crops and some small fruit crops.

·         Due to enclosed structure, pollination of the crops in greenhouses need to be taken care

·         Need to  monitor the temperature, humidity and moisture levels within the greenhouse structure at regular intervals

·          It requires a sizeable initial investment


Greenhouse farming is still in its nascent stage in India, due to the fact that a large majority of the farming population of the country is unaware of the technique. Hence, it is high time to trigger the awareness and acceptance of greenhouse farming among the farmers since the traditional systems are failing to fetch results. New challenges of climate change, soil degradation, poor production, decline in quality etc. requires new, novel solutions such as Greenhouse farming and Hydroponics. Yes, it can be said that the future of farming lies in Greenhouse farming and Hydroponics- after all it's all about feeding the growing population healthily, in a sustainable way!

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