Poultry farming – Steps to follow for setting up of broiler poultry farming business

by Anika Dixit Blogger

No doubt, the broiler poultry agri-business is profitable. Broilers are like other common poultry birds but chicken broiler is prepared in a scientific method for providing more meat within a small time span. Essentially, broilers are simply meant for meat production. Proper breed selection, housing issues, high-quality poultry feed, and clean drinking water, the right temperature, etc. should be taken care of while initiating into broiler chicken farming business.

Now, how to start broiler poultry farming? Here are a few essential steps described below -

Choosing broiler breed

There are numerous breeds of broiler but prior to finalizing broilers for business; the farmer has to follow a certain procedure. Those are as follows -

  • A one-day broiler chick must weigh between 36-40 grams.
  • If the one-day-old baby chick achieves notable weight then it will provide great ROI while selling.
  • To gain extra and reasonable benefits from broiler poultry farming the farmer should handpick the quality and high productive breeds.
  • As broiler chicken converts their feed to meat so give them excellent ration.
  • The farmer should maintain a high proportion of protein and calories in broiler chicken feed.

Housing issues

The broiler house should be positioned in an east-west direction. The ventilation should be great. The consistent distance between one house and another house should be 11-12 meters. It should be cleaned and prepared in advance before housing the chicks on the farm. The temperature of the house should be 350° and 7 sq. inch of area per chick is essential. It is necessary to house a reasonable number of chicks as this will help keep the chicken healthy.

Superior-quality feed and water

An appropriate and superior-quality feed is the foremost ingredient for success in broiler poultry farming. Broiler chicken consumes feed and converts those to meat. Hence, to attain success in business the farmer should be mindful of feed management. Broiler poultry requires a high ratio of protein in their feed for sound growth. They should be given vitamin like - A, B2, D3, B12, and K to satisfy their necessities. 

Broiler poultry consumes feed and water the entire day and night. Therefore, ensure the supply of feedstuff and water at all times. Again, the availability of clean water is very essential since broiler poultry consumes a lot of water on a regular basis. So, keep fresh drinking water at all times in the birdhouse. In winters, chicks should be provided with warm water. 


Temperature is crucial in broiler chicken farming. The temperature of the broiler chicken house should be checked 48 hours before transporting the chicks to the farm. For the first week, the temperature should be 350°c. Gradually it will decrease 2.80°c per week. But it generally depends on the external temperature. If likely stack some straw in the chicken bed. 


Marketing is not an issue with broiler chicken. It has abundant demand globally. Nearlyprefers to consume it. Therefore, the farmer should be without worries about the marketing of broiler chicken.

The above-elaborated steps like – selecting the right broiler breed, providing good housing and great poultry feed and clean drinking water, etc., if followed diligently can lead to a successful setting up of broiler chicken farming business.

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