Great 'All Day' Timetable for Students of Classes 9th and 10th

by Presidium Noida School

As we know that 9th and 10 classes are of great significance in a student’s life. How they perform in these classes may build their careers for their future. On the basis of their performance in various subjects, they get a clear knowledge of their ability areas and educational streams that you may take in life. In these classes students often struggle with issues of time management. With shifting priorities and complexities of education curriculum, managing and allocating equal time to subjects is utterly important. Many teachers of best schools in India understand the value of time, as it is said that ‘Lost time is never found again’. Principal of a prominent senior secondary school in Noida said, “It is very important to come-up with a timetable that is effective and on which students can rely on for their preparation in classes 9th and 10th.”

Schooling is said to be the foundation of daily routine and discipline in a child’s life. Faculty of one of the popular CBSE schools in Noida once said, “School timetable and discipline which comes from sticking to the timetable is the most critical aspect of any child's life as it directs them to be a productive member of the society. Many cities in Delhi-NCR provide good standards of curriculum for secondary classes and CBSE schools in Noida holds good faculty and teaching staff to carry out the best teaching practices in this area.

Students sticking to the all-day timetable usually achieve higher grades and scores, and better memory than others believed by faculties of many CBSE schools in Noida. However, timetable and study plans should be as per the individual nature, as every kid is different. So, for the students who are motivated to get their work streamlined and secure good marks planning is the key. Let us see the following session-wise all day timetable other than the usual timetable of the school that may be helpful for class 9th and 10th students.

The time after school hours needed to be divided into study sessions of 30-120 minutes each, with proper intervals for recreational activities as well. A day needs to be divided into five study sessions after school with recreational breaks.

Before School Early Morning Session:

Everyone say early morning is the best time to study for better retention and memory. whatever you study in these hours stays for the entire day and it’s a good memory boosting practice as well. Initially, you might feel little drowsy, but with time you will get acquainted. This is the best time to memorize stuff and flip through pages and learn formulas, tables, and chemical reactions, etc.

After School Home-Work Session:

Try to complete your homework as soon as you return from school after taking your lunch and a quick nap. Take some refreshments and go for a quick nap. Get up and complete your home work. If you don’t have any homework then go through whatever you have studied in the school. Take 2 hours for this session. If you think 2 hours is insufficient then extend it and reduce your playtime.

Taking regular breaks for playing is important as well, to refresh your brain cells. Take up some hobby or recreational activity to rejuvenate yourself. Both mind and body relaxation is important to beat stress.

Evening 1 hour Study Session:

This is the time when you take-up the most difficult subject. Most veteran teachers from many CBSE schools in Noida researched and found the same. Dedicate your time to studying the most difficult part of this subject. Distribute it into equal parts for the entire week. This is known as self-study and creating your own study goals and revising as per your schedule. later take few minutes break. 30 Minutes break for snacking is good for mind.

Session 4 for other subjects:

Now, you can pick up easier subjects of your choice at this time of the day. These left out subjects also demand your equal attention. Do not ignore any subject; try to distribute these subjects in a week’s schedule.

Session 5 for Daily Revision:

You may conclude your daily timetable with a proper revision time. Revise all that you have done today. Verbally revising is like taking an oral test on your own.

For holidays and vacations or on Sundays, try to revise everything that you have studied during the week. You get more time on these days to study at a stretch. Try judging your level of achievements and excellence.

This timetable can be followed for preparing Board examinations as well, as per many veteran teachers of senior secondary schools in Noida. All the best!

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