Grease trap cleaning service

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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning- Ensure Top-notch Hygiene


Grease and particles are captured by a restaurant grease trap before they enter the wastewater disposal line. Even ordinary wastewater contains trace amounts of oil, which forms a layer of scum that is slowly decomposed by bacteria. Large amounts of oil, fat, and cooking grease harden when chilled in a commercial kitchen and may mix with other solid wastes, blocking your grease trap and producing drain pipe blockages. This is where the need for a grease trap cleaning service occurs. Waste material builds up in your grease trap if it isn't cleaned out on a regular basis, causing your sink to overflow and potentially causing significant plumbing problems. Your grease trap should be cleaned on a regular basis with professional grease trap pumping.

Grease trap cleaning service

      Ensure Top-Notch Hygiene- A filthy grease trap smells like almost anything filthy. Even if it's outside, the odor will spread, which can be particularly bothersome if you have a deck. If you haven't done restaurant grease trap cleaning, customers may notice the stink of rotting grease and food first when they walk in the door, and it may even follow them in. It doesn't look very appetizing. Employees will hate having to work in such an unpleasant environment, as well as their employer's seeming lack of care, on top of the very real potential of lost business. This is the reason why taking the help of a grease trap pumping service is extremely important.


      No risk of future issues- When grease traps aren't cleaned with the help of a professional grease trap cleaning company on a regular basis, the grease quickly solidifies into a blocking lump, causing plumbing problems that could damage your entire drainage system, including your restrooms, basins, and drains, at any time. They also stink when they're backed up. Again, not very inviting, sanitary, or what you'd expect from a food-related business. Would you return if you were a customer? So, it is better to hire a commercial grease trap cleaning and avoid such problems.


      Avoid costly emergency repairs- When food and grease decompose, as they do in a dirty grease trap, sulfuric acid is formed, which is powerful enough to burn anything it comes into touch with, including your grease trap. If your other plumbing is also impacted, pipes can corrode, and repairs can soon become extremely expensive - especially if it's an emergency callout, where grease trap service is much higher. However, because your company can't afford to be out of commission, you'll have to bear the cost. In this case, regular grease trap cleaning services can help you save a lot of bucks. 


Wrapping Up


If your plumbing issues are serious enough, you may need to close temporarily while repairs are made. You'll lose money not only from consumers who don't come in but also from stock that expires and salaried employees who are still paid. Professional grease trap services will save you from such calamities. To know more about a grease trap cleaning cost, visit-

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