Grappling and Submission Techniques

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Despite the fact that some MMA fans still boo when about falls to the ground, submission grappling is an important component of the sport. The punching may provide the flare and major knockouts, but the ground game, which includes takedowns, placement, and even submissions, adds a new level of excitement and complexity to the battle. There wouldn't be much "mixed" about mixed martial arts if it didn't exist. However, not all of the techniques used in wrestling, judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu transition completely to MMA as we know it. When the possibility of being hit is added to the mix, some of the purest wrestling and judo techniques must be changed – or perhaps discarded entirely. When you're fighting in MMA or sparring gear instead of conventional BJJ gear, some of the finest submissions (locks or grips that compel your opponent to give up before they're left unconscious or hurt by your attack) can't be set up or completed properly.

submission grappling


Securing the mount — a position in which you are securely straddling your supine opponent above their hips – earns you 3-4 points in BJJ competition, depending on the tournament's scoring criteria. Although MMA does not use a points-per-move system, it still offers you a significant edge in a battle, allowing you to use ground and pound to wear out or beat your opponent, or set up a number of lethal submissions such as armbars, Kimuras, Americanas, and head, and arm chokes.


Because it's reasonably easy to master and can be completed from virtually any position, it's one of the first moves you'll learn in BJJ (and judo). For some of the same reasons, it's also one of the most well-known and lethal moves in MMA. The armbar, which involves trapping your opponent's body by crossing your legs across their torso, placing their arm elbow-down on your stomach, and lifting your hips to hyperextend their elbow until they tap, is just as easy to execute in a cotton gi as it is in sweaty and slippery MMA or sparring gear.


Because of the added threat of attacks from having an opponent, the guard - when you are on your back with your opponent trapped between your legs, which can be open or locked at the ankles – becomes more of a defensive posture in MMA than it is in pure grappling. However, it may still be a very effective way to tear down an opponent's posture and force them to wear out while attempting to escape your guard, as well as to build up a series of submission attempts.

Jiujitsu is a grappling maneuver that puts pressure on the circulation of your opponent's blood to their head, causing pain and threatening to lead to loss of consciousness until they tap. It's done from the back, or back mount, with one arm wrapping around your opponent's neck (the optimum position is to bury the very front of their neck-deep in the pit of your elbow) and the other hand grabbing your biceps on the opposite arm.

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