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As the name suggests, Google Lens is an image recognition tool developed by Google. With this, you can use your phone’s camera to identify objects in the real world. Although Google Lens has been a part of your phones since way back, however, with its latest version and additional features, it has become more useful. Recently, Google Lens has added quite a few clever features. So, here is a list of some of the best Google Lens features and how to use them on your Android device.

How to Access Google Lens on an Android Device?

Most of the latest Android phones have Lens installed into the camera app. All you have to do is take a picture, open it in the gallery app, and find the Lens icon located in the upper or lower side of the screen. Also, you can access the service via Google Assistant or in Google Photos.

New Places Filter

You will find the New Places filter in the Lens app located between the Shopping and Dining options. Use the Places filter while clicking the picture of some building like, or any other place for that matter, and the Lens will bring up the name of that place, including other options like Search, Save Place, Share, Call and locate in Google Maps. Also, remember that this filter is accessible via the app and Google Assistant and not through the camera or Photo app.

Word Translation and Text Pronunciation

Although Google Lens was already capable of translating text, however, the new version is also capable of pronouncing the text.  This feature will be helpful for people who are learning new languages. Also, the children who are just learning to read can take advantage. To use this filter, find the Text filter in the lens app. It is the second option from the beginning and looks like a square with three horizontal lines in it. Now, position your camera in front of the text you wish to translate or find the meaning of.

After capturing the image of the text, you can select a specific word by simply tapping on it and then tap on listen to check the pronunciation or find the meaning by tapping on the magnifying glass icon.

Homework Helper

As the world is becoming more tech-savvy and more children now using the internet for studies, Google Lens can now help them solve math problems. Capture the math problem using the Homework filter, and the Lens will quickly suggest the answer. You can tap on the “Solve” option to understand the steps needed to solve the problem. Know that the Lens pulls alternate solutions and similar problems from the Web to make sure students understand the reasoning. Note that the option may not be available for all the equations you search for.

Transform Handwritten Notes into Text

Google Lens can now convert your handwritten notes into text on your computer. But first, you will need to download the latest Chrome version on your PC and log in to Chrome with the Google account you have on your phone. Now, you can capture the handwritten notes using your mobile device, and then press “Select All” followed by “Copy to the computer.” In the list that appears, locate and select your PC on which you wish to see your notes. Now, move to your desktop and open Google Docs in the Chrome browser. Open a new document and press Insert or Ctrl + V to paste the handwritten notes in the form of text.

Access Restaurant Reviews and Ratings

Most of the time, we are unsure whether a restaurant is worth dinning or not. In such cases, customer reviews and ratings should be referred to. So, open the Google Lens, point your phone at the restaurant’s logo, and it will pull out Google reviews to help you decide.

Track Packages

Point the Google Lens in front of a package’s shipping details and wait for the details to highlight, then tap on the dot that appears on the screen. The URL for the USPS tracking page will come up, you can tap on it to follow the shipping progress of your package.

Find Details About Random Objects

Capture the object you wish to learn about using the Google Lens. It will investigate the data, identify the object, and bring up a ton of resources online to learn more. The object can be anything from a painting to a plant, an animal, or a famous person.

It seems that Google has done an amazing job by adding these many useful features to Google Lens. We hope that you can now make the most of the internet using Google Lens.

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