Goodbye Plastic Packaging, Corrugated Boxes is Now Trending

by Diana Garica Digital Marketing Expert
A few years back, the eco-friendly approach is known as a fancy strategy, but now the time has changed, in 2020, it is the need for every business. In the digital era, every one of you prefers to go for the online shipping and receive the products in fancy corrugated boxes. Food items, clotting form e-commerce website via courier services are the few of the examples. Indeed the cardboard is becoming the 2020 packaging trend in the industry. But a few years back, it was another way round.

There were various means to secure the environment that has been evident in shops and department stores in the United States. There, users receive from 2020, alternative to all types to polythene pr plastic bags. So in 2020, it is strictly prohibited using any plastic bags in the summer market.

Now there are two options left whether to carry the Cloths bags or make purchases in your hands. Here is another solution that is to uses custom cardboard boxes for your groceries. So departmental stores in Mexican Capital offer an alternative to the plastic bags and use paper bags or custom printed corrugated boxes to carry heavy objects. So, to keep the planet safe and make it a better place for all life. What is the option before cardboard material?

What was a pre-cardboard time?
If you study the package boxes trends of past years, there was not much emphasis on the environmental issues. If there were instructions and rules to keep the planet, a better place is for heavy industries. There was not an obvious concern about the packaging. A few years back, companies used the custom corrugated shipping boxes for moving. There was no concept of an e-commerce website, and the majority of stores sold items in their stores. So they used plastic containers or bags for article packaging.

It does not end here. At that time, plastic was the only cheapest choice companies had. It was the reason that it has become the priority of every brand. Around five years back, plastic was dominating the package boxes companies. To determine the plastic bags' product size, let us consider the Lidl German Chain, they were unable to produce plastic bags around 3,500 tons in one year. What was the reason that that custom corrugated boxes overcome the plastic bags? The excessive usage of these plastic boxes started causing massive issues with the rampant waste. Do you this plastic did not decompose after the years and led to contamination. Latest Trend in the Printing and Package industry require to switch to environmental-friendly solutions
The packaging industry and brands have understood that plastic is damaging the environment and also their brand image. People are much more conscious about what they are buying and how it affects the eco-system. Keeping the customer concern and the environment in mind, the manufacturers go for the cardboard packaging boxes. These recycled custom size corrugated boxes are the best solutions.

Industry experts and researchers also predict it, and eventually, these corrugated boxes by The Custom Boxes take over the plastic packaging. The manufacturers produce these lightweight cardboard boxes from the composite water and make it 100% eco-friendly.

The many States Banned Plastic Packaging 
Many countries have taken the initiative to stand against plastic package and plastic waste. Do you know Denmark was the 1st country that imposes the tax on these plastic bags? By doing this, they have to reduce the usage of the plastic package around 80 per cent. Canada, China, and Mexico have also reduced the usage of these plastic bags and switched to cardboard packaging boxes. It is because of various reasons:

1.  The corrugated boxes are 100% biodegradable
2.  Withstand weight
3.  Offer resistant against pressure and moisture 
4.  Lightweight
5.  Pocket-friendly

Corrugated Boxes: Innovation and Increased Sustainability
Some companies are still thinking plastic is the best option. Its production is cheap and stores the article longer, but plastic is the biggest disappointment in a package development in several years.

Laws and Regulation
Pressures on packaging companies and mills by States to use sustainable measures assent standards. Because of government laws, many brands are turning to papers article and packing boxes. For instance, Starbucks is planning to eliminate plastic straws by the end of 2020. Starbucks is also innovating and investing in various recycling activities.

Paper Packaging is Replacing Polystyrene Items

Now, everyone is aware of plastic and its effect on human health and the environment. It is reflecting that in a near-future paper package will replace the polystyrene item. It is because now companies are working on various means to introduce recycling options.

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes
The digital and screen printing on the custom size corrugated boxes open door for customization. The printing on cardboard boxes are also eco-friendly and do not affect the environment.

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