Food Packaging Designers Creating Innovative & Healthy Ideas

by Diana Garica Digital Marketing Expert
foreseen this as a good opportunity to build their identity. They are making efforts to create a healthy and innovative packaging to complement their food items. Such packaging can be designed in various forms. The designers work on presentation, functionality, or any other aspect which may sound appealing for the customers. The brands have started using exceptionally designed food boxes to highlight the healthiness of their product. Transparent packaging is the top of the list. This makes your food and beverage boxes give an outstanding look. Here we have compiled some of the best examples of healthy and innovative packaging ideas created by food designers to set an example industry-wide:


The consumer needs have changed over time. This made the brands to alter their packaging design as well. Consumers have become highly concerned about food quality. They want to get nutritional information about the product along with its cholesterol level, calorie count, and amount of fats per serving. As a result, the brands have started designing their wholesale food boxes in a way to highlight all the facts at the front. The design, graphics, colors, and material of the packaging should follow our everyday healthy choices. Fact-up-front has become a virtual way to interact with the customers and influence their mind significantly. The idea works well for beverage packaging as well as food subscription boxes.

•Use Natural Illustrations:

Nowadays, consumers do not rely on artificial ingredients. The increase in the demand for nutritional food has upraised the expectation about packaging design. The first impression is believed as the last one. Therefore, low-quality food packaging indicates a bad quality product inside. Graphics play an important role in enhancing the design of your food boxes to go. They communicate various facts about the product. The food packaging designers have started using natural graphics to depict the healthy ingredients inside. Such visual display creates a great sensorial experience by educating the customers about the quality of food. Let us take the example of this pet food. The packaging box manufacturers have worked exceptionally with the natural illustrations to grasp the attention of customers.  
•Beautiful Imperfections:

Innovation is the key to stand out. Customers always prefer to invest in unique packaging designs. Several food items do not require highlighting nutritional information. Making use of beautiful imperfections is the best way to arouse the customer interest. Instead of designing corrugated food boxes for eggs, the designers can work creatively on its usage and display. This heat pressed hay egg packaging not only delivers the product safe but also gives an enticing look.

•Emphasize the way your Product is made:

Food packaging is the greatest challenging sectors. The designers keep on experimenting with innovative ideas to make their products outshine the retail shelves. These creatively designed custom cookie boxes depict how the product is made. The packaging is given the shape of the oven. As the customer opens the flap, he is presented with food tray sleeves displaying appetizing cookies with a tempting aroma. Such cookie boxes persuade the customers that they are provided with freshly baked food cookies out of the oven.

•Transparency or Die-Cuts:

Packaging with a small visible window or a die-cut pattern creates a feeling of authenticity for the customer. This makes inner contents view from outside, thus stimulating the purchase behavior. Window food boxes have become the most preferred choice of businesses when it comes to food packaging. According to Food Packaging Trends analysis, 54% of the consumers consider product visibility as a significant factor and 30% of shoppers judge freshness and healthiness by appearance. Especially the Box Food Company which position itself as healthy snacking can take the advantage of transparency to reveal, color, and texture of the food items. Die-cutting is also becoming popular over the past few years. The designers can introduce creative die-cuts leading their imagination to do wonders with the technique. The takeout containers wholesale can also be designed in this way to reflect the freshness and quality of the food.

•Natural Kraft Subscription Packaging:

"Hello Fresh" is United Kingdom's leading recipe box delivery service. Due to the increasing demand for its monthly subscription boxes food, the corporation has started its operations in other large countries as well. Customers can choose from a wide range of recipe choices according to their demand. The food delivery boxes suppliers provide the subscribers with fresh and best quality ingredients directly at their doorstep. The designers have worked exceptionally on the box style to keep the meat, fruits, and vegetables fresh for long. The best food subscription boxes are designed from Kraft packaging. It is all-natural, toxic-free, does not contain allergens or any bleaching agent. Different food items are placed separately the sectional box to avoid spoiling of taste or texture.  

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