Globe Valve Castings and Its Uses in Industrial Market

by Mangal Iron Pumps Casting Manufacturers

Valves are simple, mechanical devices that control the flow of any fluid, most typically water, flowing through pipes. Valves are one of the most common mechanical devices found in everyday usage, as they form a part of every home’s plumbing system. The faucet that you operate works on this same principle of valves, specifically globe valves. Proper globe valve castings is the key to ensuring that water runs and stops at your command when you operate your faucet.


What is a Globe Valve?


A globe valve is named so because of the spherical shape it has. Globe valves are used as regulatory mechanisms to control flow in a pipeline. They consist of a disk-shaped element atop a stationary ring seat. Outside the pipe, there is a structure called the bonnet which holds a stem joined to the disk-shaped element. The upper part of this bonnet has a hand wheel which is accessible to the user to screw down the stem, which brings the disk down with it, till the disk touches the ring seat to essentially seal the cavity which allowed for flow of water.


How Does It Work?


Globe valves work in three states - on, off or partially on. They belong to the stop valve category of valves, but have a more complex structure consisting of a bonnet, disk or plug, stem, body, ring seat and cage. As mentioned above, the bonnet has a hand wheel attached, which can be operated to lower the stem downwards. The disk is attached to the stem and therefore it goes down towards the stationary ring. When it rests exactly on the ring, the pipe is sealed and flow is stopped. At all other points during this process of lowering the stem, the cavity becomes smaller but some water can still flow. This is the partially on state of a globe valve.


Where are Globe Valves Used?


Globe valves find domestic use in every bathroom and kitchen, wherever a tap, faucet or water pipe is involved. These valves provide excellent flow control. Larger globe valves are used in industrial applications where the wheel is operated with hydraulic or electric actuators instead of using the hand directly. In big industries too, these globe valves are used to control fluid flow in any operational process. The valve can also be installed to close with or against the liquid flow, as per requirement. Depending on which one is opted for, it would either be more difficult to close or open the valve.


We see that globe valves form an important part of domestic plumbing solutions as well as perform industrial operations. Because it plays such a vital but generally unnoticed role in our day to day lives, it becomes crucial to opt for globe valve castings that is durable, strong and efficient in nature. We often tend to take the role of valves for granted, but can we imagine our lives if we could not control the water running from our taps, or the force of liquid flow in industrial applications?

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