A Comparison Between Butterfly Valve and Ball Valve Castings

by Mangal Iron Pumps Casting Manufacturers

The butterfly valve and the ball valve are the two most commonly used valves in the industrial sector. The two have many similarities and dissimilarities. While they look very different from each other, both of them tend to perform very similar functions. This article about ball valve castings and more will bring to you a comparative study of the ball valves and butterfly valves.

The similarities:

·         Both of them are essentially made by combining a variety of different metals like stainless steel, brass and cast iron.

·         Both of them are very commonly used because of their high durability and shelf life.

·         Both of them are also economical, which makes them always be high on demand.

·         Both of them can be used at different temperatures for the regulation of flow of a variety of gases and liquids.

The differences:

The construction and look of the two valves are vastly different. The ball valve castings have balls with holes through them. The butterfly valves on the other hand have disks mounted on rotating shafts.

The working procedures of the two are also different. The ball valve opens, blocks or partially opens a hole in the ball to control and regulate the flow. The disk is what the butterfly valves use. The handle is used in the latter case to turn the disk by ninety degrees to either let the flow completely through or to completely block it.

The pressure drops involved with the two valves are different in nature. In the ball valves, there is hardly any difference in pressure and that is a huge advantage. The ball valve will turn no matter how much pressure is being exerted from the end of the supply unit. However, the same is not true for butterfly valves. In this case, with the interfering nature of the disk, there is always a drop in the pressure. This can go on to have serious problems later on.

In the sector of uses, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ball valves are better overall but more expensive. They are most commonly used for the flow of gas. This is because they have a better sealing mechanism with very low chances of leakage.

On the other hand, butterfly valves are economical and boast of low maintenance. They are used for public services like municipal water projects and sewage control. Even projects that involve redirecting or controlling the flow of streams or rivers, butterfly valves are the chosen options.


A careful inspection of both must be done before you choose to use one for your necessity. Understanding the structure and function of both is necessary to pick the perfect valve for the function you need it to perform. Ball valve castings as well as butterfly valves are available widely and easy to procure. You should feel free to contact a trusted manufacturer who can explain and choose the best suited valve for you. Do your research well before investing as it always better to be safe than sorry.

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