Glasses, Contacts, or Lasik Surgery: Which is right for you?

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Millions across the globe report vision ailments such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. If you are one of them, you must have noticed faces becoming more obscure and distances becoming murkier. You must have ended up surrendering to the fact that you need a visual aid.

The most widely used method of vision correction is eyeglasses. Some people, ranging from toddlers to adults, have the assistance of prescription lenses to see to the best of their ability. But those who do not want to have eyeglasses or contacts, can opt for an alternative - LASIK eye surgery.

In this article, let's know all three vision correction options so that you can decide which one is right for you! 


Prescription glasses are a simple, helpful, and easy fix for correcting vision immediately. A pair of glasses can last for a couple of years.


Glasses are a quick option whenever you need them. They are a great option for children and toddlers who are not ready to take proper care of contacts, and also for adults who are not comfortable meddling with contacts. Moreover, eyeglasses have become a popular fashion accessory, so you can choose from a wide range of shapes and colors.


Eyeglasses are more prone to being damaged, scratched, lost, or even lost and easily slip off your face. It is impossible to wear them during sports or water activities. Besides, small frames and flat lenses can be limiting or obstructive during such activities, since they can reduce peripheral vision.

Moreover, if you opt for glasses, many other charges will be accompanied including annual eye examination fees, unforeseen costs of replacing broken or lost frames, and corresponding prescription sunglasses (if any). 


Contact lenses are thin lenses that are placed directly on your eyeball for vision correction. Although you may need a prescription for using contact lenses, the process of fitting them is simple and painless.  


At first, it can be very intimidating to stick a clear plastic lens onto your eyes. However, you may find a variety of contact lenses that may feel weightless on the eyes and fit seamlessly.

The best part is that contact lenses have the benefit of staying in place even during vigorous activities. They can deliver a wide field of view without having to deal with the eyeglasses getting in the way. For people who want to show off their eyes, contact lenses provide them with this benefit. 


Contact lenses carry the risk of being slipping, scratched, or even tearing. Some of the common problems associated with wearing contact lenses include red eyes, sore eyes, itchy eyes, and some allergies. One has to struggle with removing contacts every night before going to bed. 

Special attention and care are required while cleaning the lenses to avoid bacteria from entering your eyes. Besides, contact lenses are sensitive to certain environments, i.e., where wind or water is involved. The long-term cost of wearing contact lenses may add up to thousands of dollars.

Vision Correction Surgery

One of the most popular vision correction surgeries is LASIK laser surgery. One can be certain to get the best visual outcome for your eyes. These procedures approach the source of the corneal defects to correct vision conditions like astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia.


Eyeglasses and contacts do not solve the root vision problem, they are just external ways to help correct vision. Moreover, it is just like putting on a Band-Aid to hide a wound. But unlike Band-Aid, these external options do not permanently heal the wound. On the contrary, LASIK helps to improve the overall quality of life, apart from correcting your vision. You will be able to perform all the daily activities with a perfect vision.

As long as one has been screened as suitable candidates for the procedure by a qualified eye surgeon, anyone can have LASIK at any age. Research shows that the risk of contracting eye infections by using contact lenses for the long-term is higher than the risk of complications associated with corrective eye surgery. These surgeries are completed within minutes with no pain and discomfort. Besides, the recovery time is short and the results are immediate. 


The only reason that prevents people from opting for LASIK is the cost of surgery. One may have to spend thousands of dollars. Fortunately, we have the option of traveling abroad for affordable eye surgery.

One may opt for Medical Tourism in India to get LASIK surgery done at affordable packages. The country offers state of the art facilities and a world-class suite of the most advanced laser surgery options, which include Epi Lasik PRK and the most advanced iLasik and Relex Smile. Laser surgeries are individually customized, effective, and incredibly safe. in India. 


At the end of the day, one should choose the vision correction method that suits and aligns your needs and lifestyle. If you are confused about selecting the right choice of method, consult your eye doctor for the right option that best suits you.

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