Liposuction- Here's what determines the Cost of Liposuction

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Did you know that liposuction is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure across the globe

This proves that many people trust the process of achieving their goals and solving medical issues. What makes the liposuction procedure even better is the advent of recent technologies with higher success rates.

However, what makes it less accessible is the cost. Well, here we are talking about thousands of dollars to transform your life. Moreover, a liposuction procedure quote gets complex sometimes, as the entire cost depends on various factors. And these factors vary with the patient's desired outcome.

The overall cost will include the sum of several fees that may include the facility fees, operation room fees, pre-operative and post-operative consultations, lab fees, or compression garments.

What is the average cost of a Liposuction procedure?

The most popular part of the body that undergoes liposuction is the abdomen and it is expensive too. The cost can range from $3000 to $7000.

The cost of buttock and chin liposuction procedure can range from $2,500 to $4,500. Whereas, the average cost of liposuctions in thighs, arms, hips or waist ranges from $2,500 to $5000.

Surgeons and clinics might charge higher or lower than the aforementioned average costs. Also, the cost depends on various factors and the patient's medical condition.

Let’s have a look at the various factors that determine the cost of liposuction.

The key factors that determine the cost of the liposuction procedure:

The time and effort required for the treatment are the primary considerations that determine the total cost of the liposuction procedure. The major factors determining the time and efforts include:

Body Mass Index (BMI): BMI is a measure of body fat based on the patient’s weight and height. The volume of fat to be removed is directly proportional to the BMI value. Higher the BMI, the higher the volume of fat is to be removed. Hence, a higher BMI will require more time and effort to complete a liposuction procedure in comparison to a patient with a lower BMI.

The number of body parts to be treated: The area chosen has a big effect on the cost of the procedure. For example, the cost of arm liposuction would be less than the abdomen liposuction in the same facility.

However, smaller areas don't always mean lower costs. Removing fat from the chin might be complex than from the hips. Liposuction in both areas will end up having the same cost. The degree of complexity and the time taken to treat an area affect the overall pricing.

The more body parts, the higher the cost of the procedure. Moreover, treating multiple areas will increase both time and complexity.

A patient who gets their inner thighs, outer thighs and buttocks treated will have a higher cost than the one who only treats their buttocks.

Degree of Difficulty: During your medical assessment, the surgeon will anticipate the degree of difficulty of the procedure depending upon the desired outcome. Although the liposuction procedure is the same, the time and effort required differs from patient to patient.

For example, if a previously obese patient loses weight he will have more fibrous fat which may lead to a more difficult liposuction procedure. Prior abdominal liposuction might cause scarring in the fat and fibrosis directly under the skin. This will cause a higher degree of difficulty with subsequent procedures.

These are the reasons why you should be honest in your medical history to have a more accurate estimate. This will help the surgeon to assess your condition and the possible risks better.

Amount of Fat and Fat Transfer: There is a limit to a surgeon can remove the amount of fat in one session. However, this doesn’t apply to every patient. Your surgeon will remove the maximum amount of fat they can remove.

But, sometimes, the surgeon might stop the procedure before reaching the limit. Precisely there are 3 reasons for stopping the procedure:

·         The patient starts to bleed in the area

·         The patient has achieved their desired results in the area

·         The patient doesn't have that much fat in the area

Additionally, the patients who want to undergo fat transfer, wherein the surgeon transfers the fat collected through liposuction to some other part of the body intending to enhance the appearance of that part, will have to pay more for the treatment.

General or Local Anesthesia: Typically liposuction is performed with general anesthesia for larger areas. In some cases, local anesthesia is used to treat smaller areas. But not every surgeon and clinic does it or recommends it. The cost of anesthesia can make a difference if the surgeon opts for general anesthesia.

Type of Procedure: The cost of a liposuction procedure depends on the technology and the expertise required performing the desired type of procedure. There are two types: the traditional liposuction that uses a cannula to remove fat and the other type of procedure uses an expensive machine that would require expertise. The latter type of procedure may affect pricing.

Surgeon's Experience: Surgeons with good experience in the liposuction surgical field are no doubt in-demand and will surely charge hundreds or thousands for the procedure. But, you will also experience great results.

Secondary Liposuction: Subsequent liposuction on the previously treated area can add a higher degree of complexity due to the presence of scar tissue and fibrosis from the previous treatment. This will cost higher than the previous treatment.

Geographical Influences: The geographic location of the clinic or the hospital also affects the cost of the procedure. If the rents or labor costs are high, the cost of the procedure eventually rises. Moreover, if the area has more liposuction providers, patients can experience competitive pricing.

Beware of the “cheap liposuction” prices!

Because liposuction can help shape you the way you desire, more and more people want to undergo the surgery to look like their favorite celebrities. Owing to this, lower cost liposuction is very much in demand. While the cost of liposuction is a huge concern, people should focus more on the quality of the provider. Many clinics and hospitals just wish to lure new patients with discounts and cheaper pricing.   

The utmost goal for every patient should be to achieve their desired results with a good success rate. A good liposuction technique is both a science and an art. Patients should opt for a board-certified and experienced surgeon with years of performing the liposuction technique under different circumstances. 

Plastic Surgery in India maybe the perfect solution for you, if you want the best surgeons but do not want to break the bank!

More and more people are choosing medical tourism in India to get their dream body realized. 

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