Getting an Electric Bicycle – Benefits and Price in India (2022)

by Amisha Lohan Blogger

Electric bicycles have taken riders by rage. In cities, you can always use an electric bicycle for work if it’s a short-distance ride. Also, you can ride electric bicycles even on rocky terrains. Yes! These bicycles have unique technology that makes them perfect for rough terrains.

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle is a cycle with an electric motor to help you pedal your cycle more easily. The motor gets its required power from a battery placed on the bike. This battery is rechargeable and helps you in propelling your ride. The difference between an electric bicycle and a regular bicycle is that your motor and the battery help you in propelling your cycle forward instead of you putting in the effort entirely.

Benefits of Riding Electric Bicycles

There are several benefits of riding electric bicycles; some of these benefits are as follows –

      Flexible and fast

Technological advancements have made your electric bicycle much more convenient than a normal bicycle. It helps you cover miles with less effort. If you live in a city, then there would be multi-purpose cycle lanes that would make your commute easier and better while speeding past traffic.

Also, recently there has been a surge in the popularity of e-cycles, and in many countries, governments have been urging more and more people to ride electric bicycles. An e-bike not only comes with durability but also has a supple structure that makes it easier for you.

      Assisted riding

An electric gear cycle is powered by a battery which helps you pedal better. It provides a boost to your pedal, which does not need a lot of effort. It also influences your speed with an electric bicycle and prevents you from getting tired easily. E-bikes are also easier for kids to ride as it takes less effort in comparison to a standard bicycle.

Furthermore, recent innovations in the e-cycle sector have helped riders travel across inclines and hills without worrying about rough terrains. With electric bicycles, irrespective of your age, you would be able to ride comfortably and flawlessly.

      Reducing expenses

In the long run, riding an electric bicycle saves you much more money than driving a motor vehicle that consumes a lot of fuel. And as the economy changes, and the price of diesel and petrol rises, it will impact your budget. With e-bicycles, it is easier for you to purchase rechargeable batteries which can take you 20-50 miles with a full charge. Further, if you aim to purchase a new e-cycle, many could get on a budget, which also saves your expenses.

      Fitness improvement

According to studies, it has been proven that riding an electric bicycle is as beneficial for your health as riding a regular bicycle. Even though riding an e-cycle is pedal-assisted, it still requires some amount of physical effort, which will improve both your physical and mental health.

Many people often feel troublesome when it comes to fitness, and cycling makes exercising simpler and easier. To take the simplicity up a notch, you could go for an electric bicycle, making your fitness journey even smoother.

E-cycle Price Range in India

In India, the price range of an e-cycle depends on the brand and where you get your e-bicycle from. The variants, mileage, specifications, and other details also drive the charging cycle price. However, electric bicycles are available in every range. There are bicycles available within a specific range, but there are also bicycles with higher and better-quality features and thus cost a higher price. Although, if you are on a budget, you can get a good electric bicycle with some applicable offers.


There are many reasons why one should make the shift to electric bicycles. They come with various advantages and a high likelihood of being adapted more and more in the future. The future of transportation is electric vehicles, be it electric cars or bicycles. As a result, it is better in all ways to adapt to riding an electric bicycle.

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