Get Rid of Crutches by Hiring Knee Walker Rentals

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Almost 88% of people prefer knee walkers instead of crutches when they get injured and cannot move. So if you are in dire need of this device, lease the knee walker on rentals from a well-known company instead of buying it.



Have you ever heard of the term knee walker? Have you seen any celebrity use one, and you do not know what it is? Well, worry not, as, by the end of this write-up, you will get to know everything about this device. A knee walker is optional equipment to crutches that anybody can use with an injury present below the knee, mostly in the ankle. The injury might range from an ankle sprain to a severe bone fracture. 


This device is the necessary equipment when the patient needs complete loading of the weight from their foot. You can also use it when there is a necessity of partial bearing of non-weight. But since this equipment is quite expensive, most of the time people cannot fully purchase it. Instead, they hire the knee walker on rentals from a reputed medical equipment leasing company and return the device when you can walk again on your own. If you are still confused about why knee walkers are better than crutches, go through the below points to establish the facts more.


·         Well Balanced


One of the primary benefits of using a knee walker in your daily life over the crutches is its well-balanced feature. The injured user can lose balance while walking with the traditional crutches. But it is hard to be off-balance on a knee walker, especially if fitted with all-terrain equipment.


·         Maneuverability and Speed


With the help of the flexible knee walker, you can even maneuver around the small spaces and go on with faster speed simultaneously, which is impossible on conventional crutches. Since the knee walker comes with wheels, you can move much more rapidly compared to when you used to walk with your legs. The knee walkers include designs to be exceptionally maneuverable even in tight condos or apartments.


·         Less aching 


Conventional crutches cause a lot of pain in the underarms and the wrists of the user. It is because most weight is distributed in these two sections while using the crutches for a long time. For the users who are not in the correct state or optimal positions, it will be impossible for them to implement the crutches in their daily life. Can you imagine going to the supermarket and buying groceries on your own with crutches? To ease these situations, take advantage of the knee walkers. Here the user weight is allocated between the ankle and the knee, mostly along the shin side. Due to this knee walker structural design, the user can handle the entire weight of their body much better than the crutches without much pain to them.


·         Complete Off-loading Facility


With crutches, there is a massive chance that you might accidentally put all your weight on your injured foot. It is impossible in the case of knee walkers. Since all the models of the knee walkers are raised and supported with good structure, there is no chance of accidental off-loading in them.


On the other hand, in crutches, you have to keep the injured leg manually off the ground, which can be tiring for the user, especially if he/she is an aged person. It is a significant aspect to consider where the user has to do 100% offloading sometimes. This feature is a relief for those people who have diabetic foot ulcers or fracture in the ankle.

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