Check your Body Type and Activity Levels before Taking Knee Walker on Rentals

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Of late, knee walkers are more popular than crutches owing to the comfort they offer to the users. Also known as knee scooters, knee walkers are medical equipment offering mobility to people suffering from any foot or ankle injury. Available in a three or four-wheeler configuration, they offer a great degree of safety, comfort and maneuverability. Most of the knee scooters made from lightweight material like galvanized steel, and feature handbrakes. Some walkers come with a folding design and they are easy to store as well as transport. The knee walkers are available on a rental basis in the market at affordable rates.

Method of Using Knee Walker

This medical device is fairly simple to use and may lead to serious injuries when not used properly.  The right way to use the walker is as follows:

  • Place your injured leg on the elevated pad of the scooter and bent it at a 90 degree angle.
  • Place your uninjured leg on the ground and use this foot to propel it forward.
  • If you are able to follow the step 1 and 2, you can easily drive the scooter with ease.

While using knee walker rentals, you need to careful about a few things. For instance, avoid going on steep roads and hills with both a three and four wheeler knee walker. Driving the scooter on terrains like grass, sand, rock and gravel is not advisable. To add further, avoid driving on roads having raised sidewalks and speed bumps with knee walkers.

Indubitably, knee walkers are the perfect combination of mobility and comfort. And in order to gain these benefits, it is necessary that you choose the right knee walker as per your requirements. If you are taking knee walker on rentals, ask the following questions before making any final choice:

  1. Body Type: Based on your height and weight, choose the right knee walker. For children, a knee scooter with smaller frame is ideal as it can meet their height and weight requirements. But for adults, larger models with a four-wheeler configuration are recommended. Such knee walkers have larger frames, adjustable seating and even larger weight holding capacities.
  2. Comfort: Many knee scooters come with advanced features that add extra level of comfort in users. If you are using the knee scooters for completing your daily chores, prefer the one having a storage basket. If enjoying outdoors is the sole purpose of using them, prefer a four-wheeler scooter as it offers smooth and stable ride both.
  3. Activity Levels: Some of the knee scooters designed with advanced technology and recommended for everyday usage. Such scooters are even good to use on slightest uneven surfaces and roll well on gravel, dirt and grass. So, if you want to remain highly active, then choose an advanced model with comfortable features.

Knee scooters are basically ideal to use by those patients, who are suffering from leg injuries and want to keep weight away from the injured leg. So, if any person is suffering from fractured ankle, ankle sprains, following foot injury, fractured foot and Achilles rupture, he can consider himself as an ideal candidate for taking knee walkers on rentals.

Because knee walkers are used for limited time only, thus it is advisable to take them on rent. However, it is your discretion whether you want to purchase them. For taking knee walkers rentals, look for a reputed online store.

Knee walkers are great assistive medical device that will keep you mobile and help you to recover from leg injury fast. These walkers are available in both three and four wheel configuration. Choose the one that will solve your purpose. 

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