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by Store Jiva Ayuveda Medical Store
As we age, along with the rest of our body, it has an effect on our skin as well. Sometimes, we can see that some common forms of skin damage tend to make you appear older and such signs may include age spots, redness, lines and skin cancer. Mostly, we can see that our skin gets damaged easily. In such cases, you can take precautions in your daily life so as to stop it from happening. Skin damage happens in every part of the world and we can see that one must take appropriate precautions. There are certain things that cause major damage to the skin.

•    Excess Sun Exposure
Sun exposure damages the skin in an intense manner. When the skin is exposed to the sun and its ultraviolet rays, the elasticity and collagen found in your skin gets broken down. Gradually, as these two things are removed, skin begins to develop wrinkles and brown age spots. When there is an excessive sun exposure, it can be a primary cause of skin cancer.

•    Unhealthy Diet 
As the body needs good food to remain in shape, just the same way, for a good skin, healthy, one needs to take proper diet. You should take fruits and vegetables as it contains vitamins that prevents the skin from becoming damaged. it would be good to get a diet filled with fatty foods and sugars as it is known to hasten the aging process of your skin. You should ensure that you maintain a healthy diet, so that you can prevent or reduce any damage to your skin.

•    Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol
It’s a fact that Cigarettes and alcohol are highly injurious to health. Not only do they harm the body, but they also are terrible for your skin. When you smoke cigarettes, it constricts all of your blood vessels. As a result, your skin gets lesser oxygen and nutrients than desirable. It is the lack of nutrients and oxygen that causes wrinkles and sagging skin. wrinkles and sagging skin is generally caused by drinking alcohol as it dehydrates the entire body. A dehydrated skin has a higher chance of aging faster than skin that is properly nourished.

•    Repetitive Face Movement
It has been found that making the same expressions with your face may lead to skin damage. It is so because as you move your face, muscles under the skin begins to contract. As those movements are repeated over time, you can find that wrinkles and lines have begun to appear and sometimes, they even become permanent. You can use the latest ayurvedic cream to get help.

To make the skin better and more healthy, there are certain ayurvedic and natural remedies that one can use. If you are wondering what they are, well, here we are going to discuss all that. 

1.    Essential fatty acids
Essential fatty acids are essential for the body as they keep your brain healthy. With consumption of Essential fatty acids, your psychological functions are well controlled and regulated. You can get a wonderful, healthy and glowing skin with consumption of food that include, olive oil, flaxseeds, almonds, walnuts, whole grain foods, etc.

•    Sandalwood and Yogurt
It’s a wonderful remedy to use yogurt on your skin as it contains Lactobacillus, which is a good bacterium. When you use it on your skin, it gets shiny.  You can apply a paste of., Sandalwood and Yogurt and leave them on your skin for 25 mins. 

•    Neem paste 
Ayurvedic products online such as Neem gel or paste have become really popular these days as it contains antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties which heal and repair the skin.

You can get your own ayurvedic items feel a change in your skin.

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