5 Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines

by Store Jiva Ayuveda Medical Store
Ayurveda is almost a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has truly withstand the test of time. It first originated in the Vedic culture of India, it’s actually considered by many scientists that it is the oldest healing science that is known of. Ayurvedic medicines are basically based on the premise that there are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha and that all the disease and illness originate from an imbalance in the three doshas or energies.

The main goal of Ayurvedic medicine is to help people live a long, healthy and balanced life without the need for any kind of prescription drugs, complicated surgeries or even suffering through painful conditions. Although it is true that people living in India have always relied on traditional Ayurvedic practices to heal everything from infertility to digestive issues for centuries but with the easy availability of the other kind of medicines the Ayurvedic approach was losing its hold. But again with the awareness of the health issues and with a little help form, the internet people are again opting for Ayurveda.

It is because of online stores like Jiva Ayurveda medicine store that people have again started to shift towards ayurvedic treatment. This is not all Ayurveda medicines do have health benefits and they are:

Lowers stress and anxiety – Ayurvedic medicine does not involve only some physical medicine that has to be taken along with water but it also includes diet and lifestyle. When we talk about lifestyle Ayurvedic practitioners believe that our daily stress and anxiety can also lead to unbalancing the doshas which in turn leads to various health issues. So, Ayurvedic medicines like Pranayam and Yoga relaxes the body and prevents diseases.

Lowers blood pressure and Cholesterol – High Cholesterol and high blood pressure have always lead to various health problems. So, Ayurvedic treatments make sure that the diet and lifestyle changes that it suggests always keeps these two things under check. Ayurveda always suggests on the light diet that is avoiding any kind of oily and spicy food as they can spike up blood pressure and cholesterol. They also suggest regular exercise and Yoga as that would relax the body and in return lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Recovers injuries and illness – Research support the Ayurvedic concept of immune-modulation and healing. By targeting inflammation, which is the main cause of almost all diseases, Ayurvedic medicines can help in lowering the pain and swelling, improve blood flow and also fight inflammatory conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia just like any other medication. This is because Ayurveda successfully detoxifies the body with various herbs, teas and healthy diet and lifestyle.

Promotes proper diet for good health – Ayurvedic medicines promote a plant based diet filled with a variety of real, whole foods. In Ayurveda each person’s diet depends on body type and their needs, Ayurvedic diets for all the three dosha types includes fresh herbs, spices, teas, vegetables, healthy fats, high-antioxidant foods, and protein. Dietary guidelines given by ayurvedic doctors emphasize on consuming fresh, hot and easy to digest food, while also taking into account several variations that mostly depends on someone’s ancestry, customs and traditions.

Helps in weight loss – Though Ayurveda does not guarantee quick or fact weight loss. But they it does help you loos that extra fat by following a healthy diet regime, stress reduction and even essential oils for weight loss.

These are some of the many benefits of using Ayurvedic medicines. One such Ayurvedic medicine is Giloy juice that helps in detoxifying your blood and giving you a good health.

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