Ganoderma on the body

by Carmen sofia Malinescu affiliate marketing
RG (Reishi Gano) is an extract, which is obtained from the body of the fungus for 3 months.

Modern science demonstrates the beneficial effect of Ganoderma on the body. The main effects: stimulates blood circulation, improves cell metabolism, helps detoxify, harmonizes physiological processes.

Important components of ganoderma:

Scientific research shows that ganoderma has more than 200 components. The most important of these are:

a) improve immune system efficiency
b) stimulates self-healing processes
c) inhibits the growth of pathological cells
d) improve the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen

2.Triterpenoids (these molecules are responsible for the bitter taste of the RG):
a) stimulates blood circulation
b) reduce cholesterol levels in the blood
c) reduce allergic reactions
d) have a calming effect

3. Adenosine:
a) stimulates blood circulation
b) in the case of acidification of fabrics, it prevents platelets sticking
c) optimizes blood pH
d) Reduces cholesterol levels

4. Germanium organic:
a) increase oxygen saturation of fabrics
b) Improves immune system efficiency
c) stimulates nervous system functions

Why choose ganoderma DXN?

The cold processing method used by DXN keeps 100% of the active substances of ganoderma. With this method, the ratio between the starting point and the finished product is 20: 1, so the effect of the DXN ganoderma therapy is very good.

The entire process from production to packaging is based on the DXN's expertise and the materials used. DXN has received the GMP Award from the Malaysian Ministry of Health and meets the ISO 1400, ISO 9001 and TGA Quality Assurance Standards, which is an international recognition for the quality of DXN products with ganoderma.

Many people have become healthier by consuming DXN ganoderma, so we recommend trying these products.

GL Ganocelium is the 18-day mycelium of Ganoderma Lucidum. It supplies the body with many vitamins and minerals. Due to the high level of organic germanium it is called oxygen storage.

GL main components:

1. polysaccharides
2. organic germanium
3. wide range of vitamins
4. complex minerals

The GL-polysaccharide and germanium content is 4 times higher than RG.

GL main functions:
- improves the effectiveness of the immune system
- stimulates nervous system activity
- prevents the proliferation of pathological cells
- Optimizes pancreatic activity and reduces blood glucose levels
- Prevents degeneration of cells and tissues
- removes toxins from fabrics
- Provides the necessary vitamins and minerals

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