Future Trend and Scope of DevOps

by Vijayshri A. IT Expert

Over time, and often caused by changes in technology, such as migrating to virtual machines or containers, the role of the task changes because developers can take more control. When DevOps arrives at the company, he can quickly take on a large operational responsibility, from infrastructure construction and monitoring to automation, which is part of the business world. We also observe an increase in operational tasks, such as monitoring or logging in, as SaaS solutions with DevOps engineers that allow development teams to take over even more of these functions. 

In 2019, developers will improve their approaches using a variety of tools and technologies. It creates shared responsibility for software specialists and avoids manual workflow during testing. From DevOps, the slope gradually shifts towards DevSecOps, where the emphasis is also on safety. 

Shortened development cycle: harmony is created between programming and operational teams with the concept of programmers. With proper knowledge of how the development team works, the surgical team can start working at the same time, reducing the time it takes to send and implement the project. 5By using the right DevOps development tools, you can automate many tasks, simplifying your workflow in less time. 

There are currently many consultants and tools available to help companies and teams implement the DevOps model. To maximize benefits, development and operations teams must undergo cultural change and establish close cooperation. Debois believed that the collaborative environment allows developers to provide versions faster and with fewer errors. 

DevOps has proved to be a pioneer of accelerating changes in companies around the world. If we put silos in the pasture, cooperation between larger teams really shortens the time to market products and we can only hope that more companies will do it in the coming years. And because more and more companies are opening the door to collaboration, DevOps also helps transform test methods and procedures. The short development cycle, usually associated with agility, also contributes to this change in consciousness. 

The sequential and reactive nature of change management (especially in the areas of publishing and implementation) in large companies can undermine the potential benefits of developers. Although both seem contradictory, DevOps and change management can coexist. However, for DevOps to successfully co-exist with change management, organizations need to be able to define scale changes, track changes throughout the entire development cycle, share information about changes with other systems and people, and understand how interactions change to other interfaces affect points 

Companies now appreciate the strength of programmers in increasing productivity and operational efficiency. Last year, many industries adopted DevOps solutions and practices. For this reason, there is a growing demand for DevOps knowledge around the world. As DevOps increases in the coming years, the following technical areas are expected. 

The acceptance of programmers in the organization is growing, and companies are inclined to do so. It's not just about doing things in a certain way, but about business development and transforming technology into a strategic advantage. DevOps relies on best practices to increase business performance in the modern digital economy. 

Devops practices and test automation strategies in the field of digital transformation are seen as one of the key areas of market interest, and companies occupy high positions in business analysis and cloud computing. Changes in test trends would also have a noticeable impact on software testing and quality assurance. Currently, companies are integrating their tests with the software development cycle with test methods such as Agile. 

Agility in testing is aimed at implementing newer technologies and insightful skills. Continuous interaction and integration of development and test teams in sprints is essential to understand the whole essence of agile testing. Agile software testing is a cyclical process that focuses on quality. It will be included in the new version from the very beginning and will not take place. 

So far, quality assurance (QA) has been the approach of choice in the world of software testing. But quality assurance is becoming more complex and involves a variety of skills and technologies. From test automation through DevOps to pipeline integration and the need to embed quality in every development project from the very beginning, quality assurance has evolved far beyond its original scope. From 2019, we can expect quality engineering to become large-scale, as teams take quality into account throughout the development process and increase the number of people with whom quality engineers need to work. 

Increasing security breaches have left news that suspicious threats can occur at every stage of the software's lifecycle. To this end, experts recommend integrating security throughout the software development cycle to verify all possible threats. 


Seamless security integration, often called DevSecOps, allows development teams to generate secure code faster in the early stages of application development. The integration at an early stage supports the test phase of the programmer's workflow throughout the entire cycle. 

In the software development industry, it is very important that the company is up to date with evolving trends, otherwise it will quickly find itself in dust. Trends in software development are changing rapidly, in this case software development teams re-evaluate outstanding software and expand its scope. 


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