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With the rapid development of technology, digital printing technology in textile printing has become mature. Digital printing production has also increased significantly.

Many people believe that it is only a matter of time before digital printing replaces traditional textile printing.

Digital printing breaks through the bottleneck of Textile Printing


In traditional textile printing, the colours are overprinted one after another. The more colours, the more complicated the operation is Can Not see the color gradient, high-resolution image of the landscape and the real color of the characters. In addition to the complexity of printing technology and printing effect, printing production process is lengthy, from production to sales will be more than 4 months, which screen production will take 1 to 2 months of time The production process must spend more manpower, time and energy, after the production of screen and equipment cleaning also need to consume a considerable amount of water resources, screen does not continue to use the waste, the impact of such mode of production on the Environment and Ecology is very large, does not meet the requirements of cleaner production.

Broke through the bottleneck of Textile Printing

Digital Printing Technology has broken through the bottleneck of textile printing. Through the combination of image processing software, JET PRINTER PLATFORM, jet printing ink and jet printing substrate processing, the real digital image or pattern can be directly printed on the fabric Has the pattern design and the color change multiplicity, widely applies in the popular design and the fashion clothing industry. Especially suitable for a small number of diverse and customized production processes, greatly reduce screen operation costs 50% and 60% of the time, and greatly shorten the overall production time, rapid response to customer needs. At the same time, it can reduce the waste water produced by screen cleaning in printing process, save medicine and reduce waste by 80% , meet the demand of clean production.

Digital printing technology is widely used in the world

China has plenty of room to grow

Now digital printing products in Italy has accounted for more than 30% of the total domestic printing, digital printing growth rate lies in the industrial structure and cost, Italy is a printing design-oriented popular market Most of the world's high-end printed textiles come from Italy.


In terms of Italian production costs, it costs nearly 2 euros per square meter to produce a product in small batches of 400 meters, compared with less than 1 euro per square meter in Turkey and China, and 800 to 1200 meters in small batches Each square meter is also close to 1 euro, this cost difference makes digital printing into the mainstream, so digital printing is just in line with its market demand.

According to statistics, the world's traditional printing mainly in Asia, including China, Southeast Asia and India, accounting for 66% of the total printing. China accounts for nearly 30% of the global production of traditional printing, but digital printing is less than 1% of the domestic printing volume, huge room for growth.

The cost is relatively low

In terms of cost structure, traditional printing requires screen printing in small batch production, which makes the initial cost of traditional printing relatively high, but with the increase in the cost of printing, the cost of mass production is relatively low. For Digital Printing, the main cost comes from the nozzle and ink, regardless of large or small batch production costs are similar, as long as the printing speed is fast enough, the management cost will be relatively low, this is the equipment business high-speed machine development ideas.


If the nozzle is the engine of digital jet printing, and the ink is the fuel of digital jet printing, without fuel even good equipment system cannot start. Ink Quality is good, the relative loss of the nozzle will reduce, nozzle service life will increase; ink quality is not good, will not only hurt the nozzle, or even affect the printing stop.

Ink Composition, including pigments, humectants, Surfactant, fungicides, and other additives, the pigment is the key to the success of printing color, with good color, ink quality half success.

Pay attention to the technology to change the idea

Digital Printing is an integrated technology that needs to be matched with printing equipment, ink, printing software and fabric pre-and post-treatment.

For jet and printing equipment, at this stage the industrial jet fixed period is generally half a year to a year, for the printing industry, this drive engine (jet) is consumables, the cost is considerable There are also potential risks associated with equipment using multiple nozzles, in the event that one of the nozzles in one of the nozzles becomes defective in the printing process In addition now industrial nozzle manufacturer hopes from equipment manufacturer and Inkman extract nozzle secure cost, this also invisible increased cost of consumable material of ink.

For ink manufacturers, because of the continuous introduction of new nozzles and the need to develop inks for different types of nozzles and fabrics, most of today's ink pigments come from existing traditional pigments It may or may not meet the requirements; in addition, the product must consider the diversity and colorization, for the end user is even more complex and difficult.

The third is software, which is expensive for most end users and involves remaking the curves on different printing devices, inks and fabrics, making them more complex than traditional prints.

Digital Printing is different from jet printing on paper. It requires pre-treatment and post-treatment to make the fabric coloured. Although the pre-and post-treatment of the fabric is not new to traditional printing factories, it is the key to digital printing Only to print the customer needs of printed matter to show its value. If there is a problem in the pre-processing and steam link will be wasted.


Today's textile printing, popular elements of rapid change, the need for more design, the order number is getting a shorter and shorter, more complex design, fastness requirements, environmental awareness, color variation tolerance, and fabric specifications. To this end, digital printing to meet the above-mentioned needs, there will be more devices and equipment manufacturers, inkjet, software and printer manufacturers to invest.

In the future, more and more software vendors will develop more user-friendly software for equipment vendors and printing companies to use. Printing companies need to continuously develop their talents and provide them with the skills to master digital printing equipment and ink Only in this way can the digital printing technology get faster and better development.

Digital Photo Printing, Custom Printed Umbrellas

With the help of digital printing technology, Guangzhou Huifeng Umbrella Co., Ltd. has overcome the problems of color shifting and stitching of umbrella surface, and provides high-quality digital printed umbrella products for domestic and foreign brands.

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