Furry Slippers – Trend Designs And Tips To Buy

by HARMANDEEP S. Digital Marketing Executive

Furry slippers with their fuzzy feel are a huge hit with both men and women alike. These furry slippers are perfect for usage at home and for the bedroom and the bathroom. They ha e a very cute and glamorous look. These slippers can also be a great choice for the kids and the teenagers. Girls especially have a great liking for these slippers.

The market has a large variety of such slippers, where you can get them in different designs and also different colors. Let us take a look at the different trends and designs if these slippers.

Fur On The Top – Most of these furry slippers are slip-on types of slippers, where there is a large band on the front top of the slippers. This is the place where the furs are placed in most of the cases. In certain cases, it is only this part of the slipper that has the fur. In many cases, the furs are thick and dense and are cropped at a certain level. In other designs, the thickness is not that much but the length of the furs happens to be quite large.

Fur All Over – In other slippers you can get thick furs all over the slipper. This is not the case for the sole of the slipper. The rest of the body and even the main cradle of the slipper also have soft thick tufts of fur. This makes the slipper all the more comfortable for the person wearing it.

Color – You can get a large number for variations in terms of the colors of these furry slippers. In most of the cases, these slippers come in a monotone, where the use of a single color is made. In other cases, these slippers also have the use of two different types of colors.

Toe Peeps And Covered Designs – There could be a slight variation in the design of such slippers. Most of these slippers are slip on. However, in some of them, the toes are kept open. Again in other designs, the toe parts are closed that gives a closer look at the slippers. Such slippers can be a great choice for the chilly winters. You can avoid the cold and can keep your feet warm with the help of such covered slippers.

Shoes Shaped Slippers - You can also get furry slippers in the shape of soft shoes. These are some of the designs that can be suitable for both men and women.

Tips To Buy These Slippers

You can get a large variety of such slippers in the retail market. The variety can be quite huge in terms of their designs, shapes and colors and sizes. Hence making the right choice can be quite difficult for you.

Quality – The aspect of quality is very important for these slippers. They need to be soft and cute and also comfortable. However, that does not mean that they need not be tough. Hence you also need a slipper that will be tough for you to use it for a long time. This is why you must be sure of the quality of the slippers when you buy them. Either buy them from a brand that has a reputation in the market and one that gives a warranty on their product or else you must buy from a shop that is known to you. This is how you can get a quality that will not be compromised quite easy and early.

Price – This is again very important aspects and criteria that will help you to shortlist the items that are of your interest. Hence first fix the price bracket so that you can narrow done the choices and can look at the things that are the most pertinent for your wallet.

Colors – never go for very light colors. This can otherwise lead to extra work. Such light colors look nice and soothing but they get dirty real fast and that will mean more work for you. It would be best if you go for bright colors and darker shades such as black and navy blue. You can also go green and grey.

Size - When talking of size you can go for a size tad bigger than your feet. Ties will keep you happy and comfortable. Your feet will be able to breathe throughout the day.

Always be careful to look at the soles of such slippers. Too smooth soles can mean a larger number of accidents. Hence go for padded and coarse soles, they can also add extra padding effect to the slippers.

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Conclusion – While using these slippers just keep away from a fact that they should not get wet while in use. This can otherwise make you uncomfortable or even sick. 

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