Functions Of A Laser

by Luther B. Technology Writer
Going by the definition of laser, It is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. While talking about the functions of laser, there are countless uses and new ways are being discovered every now and then. From just engraving your name on a surface to carving out diamonds. A laser can do so much. The possibilities have something to do with our IQ and creativity. We can put the uses into categories. From a normal home uses to high voltage uses, these are some of the common uses of the lasers.

1. Point at the sky and talk to people about different things, thoughts (as I always like to imagine things)

2. Heat up for example coffee for fun.

3. Burning a paper just for fun.

4. Pointing laser onto boards and screens. Professors, executives, presenters usually use laser pointers to point to a screen through handheld devices. 

4. This is more related to business, putting them up close to the test subject to test the heat resistance, usually on cases, packing materials... etc.

5. Point a laser at the sky, so your friend near you can tell exactly where you are... sounds strange to do that, sometimes when your friends fall behind, and they would like to know where you are and a 100mw green is not good enough to do that when in the clear night sky... it's very hard to see when it's 100 meters away. 

6. Startup a fire for camping/cooking, better than using a flashlight, as you can light things up from a distance away.

7. Shoot it at the top of the ceiling, so it lights up a room... (let's not do that with your 1W light in your wood-made houses...

8. De-focus it to see the clarity of some materials... it happens that I do work with some PET materials with laminated silicone, but the PET materials might be different, but since it has the silicone in between layers, it's very hard to tell the difference... but with a low power laser with de-focused beam, I can tell the difference when it goes through or with some reflection...

9. Companies that make microchip/CPU/Flash memory also uses lasers because their work is so delicate, they can't allow any dust on their IC, PCB, or chips... so they use a laser to scan and cut those extremely small parts.

10. Making clear cuts of thick metals sheets, which would have taken so much extra energy and pressure with saw blades and cutters. And that might damage the whole sheet. 

11. Making clear cut diamonds for the jewelry people. Those precision cuts on diamonds are made by extremely powerful lasers that everyone loves.

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