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A nose is one of the most highlighted features of facial aesthetics. Its shape and size can change the overall appearance of the face. Thus, a nose deformity can take a serious toll on the self-esteem of an individual. With rhinoplasty, one can achieve a well-shaped and contoured nose and improve their self-confidence. Rhinoplasty is not only for cosmetic purposes but also to correct nasal deformities which can disrupt and prevent the free flow of air making breathing a difficult task. Visit Mezyad Medical Centre to get an apt nose surgery from the best and an expert Best Nose Surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Parag Telang. But before opting for nose surgery, one should be aware of the difference between functional rhinoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty for a clear understanding of the subject.

Functional rhinoplasty

One of the most common problems seen in patients is a narrow, crooked or deviated line of cartilage known as the septum. The septum can be misaligned due to its natural development or trauma. The procedure used to correct this deformity is known as Septoplasty. In this procedure, the cartilage is repositioned so that it sits properly in a vertical position instead of at an angle. This allows the air to move properly through each nostril and improves breathing.

Another common functional problem involves allergies or sinus infections, which cause turbinates to become enlarged. Turbinates are a shell-like shape that warm and humidify as the air passes through the nasal passage. These are made up of blood vessels and other tissues and come in three pairs, namely, two superiors, two middles, and two inferiors. If the inferior turbinate swells up, they can stop nasal airflow on both, left and right side of the nose. With rhinoplasty, the turbinate reduction can be done by removing the tissues which provide more air to pass through the nasal passage.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty

Generally, people who want to opt for cosmetic rhinoplasty are concerned with the nasal asymmetry. When the nose is asymmetrical, it is tilted or leaned to one side too far to the left or the right. This draws unwanted attention and makes one feel embarrassed about their appearance. Other cosmetic issues related to the nose are wide nostrils in which the nasal tip is pinched or bulbous with a pronounced bump or dip in the dorsum. Some people also find their nose to be too large or out of proportion with other features.

The main aim while performing cosmetic rhinoplasty is that the nose appears in balance with the eyes, mouth, forehead and other parts of the face and their angle is also more relative to each other.

The cost for Rhinoplasty in Dubai depends upon the type of surgery, the severity of the nose deformity, the techniques adopted during the procedure, the experience of the surgeon, etc. A rhinoplasty procedure can be life-changing, but it must be carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon as the results obtained are permanent. However, one can opt for revision rhinoplasty after a period of six months to make any corrections or modifications after the procedure. At Mezyad Medical Centre, expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai performs various cosmetic, functional as well as revision rhinoplasty procedures to deliver satisfactory and natural results to the patients.

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