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by Ali Issa Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissues, and the skin to achieve a breast size proportionate to the body. Overly large breasts can be responsible for many health conditions such as neck pain, back pain, fungal infections, skin irritation beneath the breast crease, etc. Besides health issues, constant embarrassment can also impact the mental health of a person and make women feel self-conscious about their bodies. Therefore, the surgery can relieve a person from discomfort associated with large, pendulous breasts. Breast reduction surgery is also known as mammoplasty. Get breast reduction surgery in Dubai at Mezyad Medical Center from a certified and experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang. He is highly specialized in cosmetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery. Over the years, he has performed almost 4,000 surgeries in India as well as Dubai.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

For breast reduction, the surgeon can use any one or both the approaches from the following.

  • Surgery through incisions

  • Liposuction

During this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision around the areola and down each breast. The excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed to reduce the size of each breast. The breasts are reshaped according to the requirement. If the breasts are very large, the nipple and areola might be removed and then reattached at a higher position. The surgeon ensures the symmetry between the breasts, but some variation might be observed in breast shape and size. The size of the areola might be reduced.

Liposuction is one of the safest body contouring procedures and also minimally invasive. It can reduce up to 50 % of breast size only if there is a sufficient proportion of fat tissue more than the glandular tissues found in the breast. This is an ideal option for people who wants a little modification without changing the breast’s general shape and nipple position. Therefore, liposuction results in a smaller version of the same breasts and a subtle lift, which results from reduced weight and elasticity of the skin.

Who can opt for breast reduction surgery?

A person can opt for breast reduction surgery if one:

  • Constantly suffers from shoulder, neck or back pain,

  • Faces difficulty in falling asleep,

  • Has breathing issues while lying back,

  • Starts to develop fungal infections and rashes,

  • Has posture issues especially on the upper back,

  • Suffering from mental issues due to heavy breasts

Who is an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery?

An ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery must

  • Be in good general health

  • Not smoke cigarettes

  • Have realistic expectations

  • Not pregnant, breastfeeding or planning for a baby in the near future

  • Reach an age when breasts have fully developed

After the procedure, the patient might face some form of discomfort for the first few days after surgery, but it can be controlled with painkillers. However, one should not perform any strenuous activities for a minimum of 3-4 weeks to allow the tissues to heal properly. The breast reduction cost in Abu Dhabi depends upon the procedure adopted, the technique used, and the type of improvements required. Thus, the cost may vary from person to person. For breast reduction surgery in Dubai, one should visit Mezyad Medical Centre to get the best treatment from a certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang.

However, it is essential to get the surgery done from a certified surgeon to get the best results without any side-effects. One can visit the Mezyad Medical Centre to get treatment from thebest cosmetic surgeon in Abu Dhabi. He also holds a specialization in reconstructive plastic surgery. The clinic is well-equipped with the latest technology for safe and effective plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi. The treatments are customized according to the requirements of the patients. Also, the clinic offers a variety of options for cosmetic surgery in Abu Dhabi. To receive the best treatment and services, only visit Mezyad Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi.


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