Friends, I share a text from a French naturopath:

by Carmen sofia Malinescu affiliate marketing
Annoyed that every day and a little more, in the center of the pandemic, the media does not offer explanations about the functioning of our immune system.

We are constantly urged to seek external protection to save ourselves: buy masks, buy hydroalcoholic gels (without specifying that these gels should not be used several days in a row, because, based on ethanol, they will eliminate the first natural immune barrier of our body: bacteria and lipid film on our skin, which is a barrier to viruses… [This is also due to excessive consumption of antibacterial products in recent years and a misunderstanding about the role of bacteria in our immunity, which our bodies become more sensitive year after year.]

The more we use these gels based on alcohol, the more permeable and sensitive to the epidermis are the viruses… Let's give priority to classic soaps!

Then the media starts talking to us about a solution that would come from outside: a future drug treatment or a vaccine whose marketing authorization assessments will certainly be neglected for reasons of "urgency"…

At what time was it explained to the population that everyone has the ability to naturally strengthen their immune system in a few days (young people) or in a few weeks? This would not prevent the spread of the virus, but would strengthen our defenses against it and therefore reduce the proportion of severe cases, to cure much faster at home.
Why not get involved in the information channels of the platforms, which dedicate 95% of their time on this topic for a few weeks, to health professionals who talk about prevention, such as nutritionists, naturopaths, phytotherapists, who could perform a huge amount of information and prevention works close to the public and thus relieves the doctors who are in front?

Why not tell people that the consumption of garbage, such as industrial products, processed and refined is the first thing that destroys our immune defenses?

That the effectiveness of our immune system depends closely on the quality of our intestinal flora (and therefore the quality of what we eat)

So, live, raw, local and seasonal vegetables and fruits are the best way to quickly strengthen our mineral reserves, necessary for immunity.

Why not explain that fasting strengthens the immune system in just 3 days?

Why not talk about the benefits of a cold shower that increases the level of certain T lymphocytes in a few days?

Why not explain that plants such as echinacea, astragalus, pepper, rose, in their concentrated forms, increase immune defenses in a few weeks? (Then we would have had time since the virus appeared…)

Why not talk about the effectiveness of antiviral essential oils? In addition to Vit C in high doses and traces of minerals such as zinc and selenium?

Why not talk about the importance of physical activity and recent studies that prove the rapid effectiveness of YOGA. MEDITATION AND ESPECIALLY PRAYER in strengthening the immune system?

Why not explain that fear is immunosuppressive? However, it is the only emotion currently transmitted by the mainstream media… a level of anxiety that weakens you daily… generating anxiety, feelings of insecurity, suffocation and vulnerability.

Why not explain to people who have within them a potential for defense and healing, which is infinitely stronger than any drug in the world and which can be activated quickly? Our BODY AND MIND is a real healing machine.

In this period in which we finally have time, it is time to take an interest in our own functioning, to claim our personal strength, to take control of our health and our future.

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