Friend Rust Friends --Pick and throw from your life

by Pinky S. Good Morning Quotes
Do you have any friends whose sincerity you doubt? And do you doubt so much that sometimes it even seems to you that you are being frankly used?
Surely, everyone had to deal with similar situations, writes Wake up your mind. But sometimes we are so good to a person that we do not notice the obvious. How do you know if your friends are actually just using you?

1. Your "friend" always talks only about himself.
He will spend hours talking about his last quarrel, problems at work, the behavior of children, or a vacation trip. But when you timidly try to insert your five kopecks, you are interrupted exactly five minutes later. After these conversations, you feel completely devastated.

2. He always asks you for help because of his difficult situation or emergency.
For example, you need to sit with your child, look after the cat during your absence, or wait, say, for the plumber, because he has a major project on fire at his work. Everyone has an emergency, but if it happens all the time, you need to think!

3. "Friend" calls you to a meeting only when he needs it.
When he has no one to spend time with, his choice falls on you. Believe me, this is one of the clear signs that you are being used, because friendship should not be situational.
4. He remembers you when he needs praise.
And now you again listen to what a fellow he is, and he literally begs for compliments that you weigh out without any second thought.

5. He gossips and speaks impartially about you.
Being caught hot, he denies everything, or says it was just a joke. But if he does it behind your back, think about it! When a person gossips with you about one of your mutual friends, it means that he is doing exactly the same in relation to you.
6. He appears only when he needs something.
At some point, you realize that your friend appears when he needs something, and disappears when you need something. His favorite phrases are “May I ask ..”, “Will you do…” and “Do you have…”.

7. He lends something, but almost never gives back.
You are used if you constantly lend something (things, money), but often do not give it back. Be careful! 

8. He forces you to do what you do not want.
Your friend loves a night out, and you trudge with him for the company, in fact, dreaming of sleep. Or wakes you up at night because he wants to talk and doesn't care if you get up early.

9. He never thanks you for your help.
He thinks that it was easy for you, and not worth any special thanks. After all, you are created to help him.

10. He loses his temper if you say no.
He will pretend not to hear, or he will continue to passively press on you, not paying attention to your feelings.

11. He ignores you.
You want to meet, but the person comes up with excuses or does not even respond to your messages, hiding behind being busy. A true friend will always find time to communicate!
12. He may not call or write to you for a year.
Everything is clear here. If he has not lost his memory, then he is definitely not your friend.
13. He constantly criticizes and teases you.
And he writes off that he wants the best for you. But such communication is not pleasant to anyone, so either work on your self-esteem, or break unnecessary communication.
14. He doesn't keep his promises.
You asked a friend to meet you at the station, because you are carrying a lot of things, and there is no one else to turn to. 

A friend swore an oath that he would certainly be on the platform at the right time, but ... he forgot and did not come. Is this the norm for your relationship? Then take your time to call this person a friend.

15. He does not take your opinion into account.
If you notice how every now and then you act on your own "want" and "need" in the name of the "want" of another person, and he, in turn, does not even think at least sometimes to yield to you, then most likely this person is not your friend ... Your desires are viewed solely as a whim, which means they can be moved, making room for what is "really important."

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