Five Investment Lessons to Learn From Lord Ganesha

by Nitin Jain Copy Writer
Lord Ganesha, the Vighnaharta, is the God of Good luck, prosperity and success. One of the Hindu Deities, who is foremostly worshipped before any other pooja / auspicious works, has a deep symbolism from which one learns many lessons. Lord Ganesh, who was showered Elephant Head by Lord Shiva, is known to be full of deep intelligence & wisdom. Each body part symbolizes different qualities/lessons, the applications of which in various facets of life can set one's life on the right path to success and prosperity. Such five lessons, based on Ganesh's body parts, which shall relate with your life are detailed here below:


The Ganesha Idol has a big head, which was acquired from an elephant, represents broad and forward-thinking, deep intelligence and great wisdom. Hence, one should be wise enough to take challenges of life with an open mind and apply all the knowledge gained in one's life to make good investment decisions to gain fruitful results in all endeavours.

Hence, as a keen follower, one should wisely invest based on a goal plan and ways to achieve the same. Using one's knowledge, wisdom and patience, the future investment plan should be meticulously planned, keeping in view the future risks, changes and challenges which may come during the years, to have a very successful life and a secured future. 


Lord Ganesha statue has large ears, which represents good listening skills, without which no communication is effective. Hence, one should listen to everything very carefully and make the optimum use of the best advice thus listened.

As an investor, being a good and patient listener would help one select viable and safe financial advice, based on others' long years of experiences and research, which could be utilized in one's investments/business for yielding safe and high results. The ears must be trained to patiently listen to all types of advice and absorb the ones which are relevant and profitable. Using all the appropriate advice thus absorbed shall be then considered with wisdom taking into consideration the resources available, the investment schedule, time, its return, risk and the net result, therefore being anticipated.


Lord Ganesh had small but sharp eyes, which had deep concentrating attributes. It specifies that one should give all attention to whatever is happening around to achieve the best out of it, without deviating from the set path. 

Therefore, as an investor, one should be concentrating on all aspects of investments. By doing so, achieving the goal without any hindrances and difficulties becomes easy. Hence, one should concentrate intensely and then wisely invest, keeping in view the market trend, risk-taking and financial ability and the prospects of an individual. A sharp concentration on the project, its working and the market analysis would eliminate the risk of losses and help in achieving the desired financial results without any delay. Furthermore, an investor should always have a Ganesh murti on the desk. It not only motivates him to achieve success but also helps in showing the right path when stuck in difficult situations pertaining to investments.


Lord Ganesha, also known as Vakrutundaya, had a flexible trunk which represents his adaptable nature for achieving the right result.

As an investor, one should always review the investments being made to see if there is any deviation creeping in which may put the future at stake. The investments, thus made, maybe regularly watched for any negative impact hampering the investments and immediate corrective measures for the same must be taken so that the planned results do not suffer on this account. Any changes, which may be required, for the welfare of the investments, may immediately be undertaken.


Lord Ganesha's had one tusk, which symbolizes weeding out the bad from the good. Likewise, all investments are not always right. There may be some investments which look lucrative and good at the start upstage. But during the period, if it is found that some portion of the investment has gone wrong, and would damage immensely in the future, the same should be identified and weeded out so that the other investments remain safe and profitable. Weeding out of the bad investments would save the other investments from being hostile.

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