Five Amazing Benefits of Massage Therapy

by Sophie Willow Business Tips

Massage therapies are no more restricted to luxury spas and salons for stress relief. It is now an integral part of treatment at hospitals, airports and clinics. Whether you are suffering from strain on the lower back or struggling with muscle rigidity, massage therapy in Sherwood Park can make things easier for you.

Before you understand the impacts of massage therapy, let’s get a quick look at what massage therapy exactly is. It is the process of pressing, manipulating and rubbing muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin. The therapy reduces painful spasms and contractions by relaxing muscle tissue. The five key benefits of massage therapy are:

1.       Optimizes your postural stress

Postural stress is a common affair these days, especially after the pandemic. It isn’t easy to maintain the right posture when you have to sit for Zoom calls or follow the work-from-home regime. Siting constantly on chairs and working at desks is enough to disrupt your body posture. So, getting massage therapy in Sherwood Park can help you correct your posture and ease the stress in the shoulders and neck.

2.       Reduces muscle pain

Anyone can experience muscle pain. It can happen due to various reasons. The massage therapists figure out the core reason for the pain and then draft a treatment plan for you. Massages reach the root of the pain by easing tense muscles and increasing flexibility. The therapy also boosts blood flow to the affected muscles thereby bringing nutrients and oxygen to the affected areas.

3.       Brings down anxiety and depression

Safe and therapeutic human touch works wonders when it comes to imparting a relaxing effect on your body. Thus, massage therapies can lower the levels of anxiety and depression by reducing norepinephrine and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. Research strongly supports massage therapy in Sherwood Park as an effective way of treating depression and anxiety.

4.       Improves sleep

Don’t you get a good sleep after massage therapy? Well, a nice massage encourages a restful sleep which is again responsible for your well-being. That means massage therapy is your best shot if you have been feeling restless for some time or you are unable to rest completely. Massage therapy helps infants cry less and put them to sleep easily. It also helps patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy relax and sleep. 

5.       Boosts immunity power

Regular massage therapies boost your immunity. It increases the WBC’s count and flushes toxins from the body and encourages the body to defend against diseases. As already mentioned, massages increase blood flow throughout the body and the combined effect of all these helps the body reduce cortisol and improve immunity.

All in all, massage therapy promotes good health and well-being. If you want to relax after the daily grind, massage therapy is the solution. Similarly, if you want to ease muscle pain, massage therapy can help you out. 

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