Festive Season Biscuit Decorations

by Anmol Sharma Anmol Industries
How can festive cookies be made without icing, tiny illustrations, and sparkles? There are countless options, so take your time and let your creativity run wild! When it comes to decorating Christmas cookies, there is no right and no wrong. If you're feeling very artistic, you may use frosting or food colouring to make tiny snowmen or Santa Clause drawings. You could even arrange tiny sequins and balls inside of bells, Christmas trees, or other objects. Let your children embrace their artistic beings and decorators!

How to Make Baked Goods from Anmol Industries, one of leading Biscuit Companies In India, look even more tempting and festive ready in 5 Ingenious Ways:

Nobody has to ever know that your biscuits were actually healthy biscuits from Anmol Industries and weren't made entirely from scratch. Fortunately, there are simple techniques we can use to make store-bought baked items appear homemade.

1. Use Your Own Plate 
A fantastic approach to fool everyone into thinking your biscuits and cookies is home-baked is to use your own nice platter. If they see grocery store packaging, nobody will give you credit for doing the baking. A pretty dish goes a long way and makes it appear to everyone that you spent the entire day in the kitchen baking like Martha Stewart!

2. Decorate With Icing
Store-bought cookies, biscuits and cakes can be given a quick handmade touch by decorating them with frosting and sprinkles! The best part is that the icing can also be purchased in stores. Simply spread some frosting and sprinkles on your preferred dessert to complete it. Everyone's eyes will be happy with this because it's so simple to execute!

3. Use Chocolate
Different sweets can be dipped into chocolate for an elegant touch that conveys hard work. Everything sweet can be covered, which is one of the best things about chocolate! With a little drizzle here and there, your store-bought biscuits and cookies will appear like million-dollar treats.

4. Cut Them Up
It will appear as though you put forth all the effort if you cut up store-bought cereal bars, cake, and cheesecake into little squares and place them in wrappers. You may add extra flair to these squares by frosting or dusting them with powdered sugar, making you the talk of the party.

5. Think Outside the Box
The greatest approach to make something purchased from the grocery store (perhaps at the last minute) look homemade is to be resourceful and make use of what is available to you.

a) Gingerbread Friends - Over gingerbread cookies that have been purchased, spread and pipe red and white coloured icing.
b) Snowflake Cookies - Place a snowflake stencil over the baked goods, then liberally dust with powdered sugar.
c) Holiday Wreath - Pinwheels of pre-made fudge and marshmallow cookies are dipped in melted bittersweet chocolate chips, then covered in green sanding sugar, sprinkles, and red candies.
d) Polar Bear - Melted vanilla almond bark is used to dunk sandwich crème cookies and small chocolate sandwich cookies. To make a bear face, layer smaller cookies on top of larger ones. Add white gumdrops for the ears, a chocolate piece with a crispy candy coating for the nose, and small chocolate-covered candies for the eyes.
e) Frosty Cookie Sandwich - Sandwich creme cookies are dipped in melted vanilla almond bark, then sprinkled with white and green sugar.
f) Melting Snowmen - Pour melted vanilla almond bark over gingersnap cookies that have been purchased. For snowmen, mix in tiny marshmallows and green mint baking chips. To add details, use edible markers with a fine point.
g) Ornament Cookie Sandwich - Sandwich two little chocolate cookies you've purchased together with creamy white icing. Apply white edible gel, add festive sprinkles, and then attach a chocolate caramel candy top using frosting.
h) Reindeer Sticks - Sandwich creme cookies should use wooden craft sticks that are safe for food. Melted bittersweet chocolate chips are used to dunk cookies. Include sweet eyeballs, chocolate-covered pretzels for the ears, and a cinnamon imperial for the nose.
i) North Pole Cookies - Decorate oval-shaped sandwich cookies with vanilla crème and edible gel in white, red, and green.

It's not necessary for any baked item be it a biscuit, cookie or cake to be the most expensive thing ever to look homemade. Most consumers prefer baked products that are heartfelt and authentic. Give yourself a pat on the back and take in all the praise because any effort you make to make store-bought Anmol products, Best Selling Biscuits In India, look homemade will probably be commended in some way!

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