Features to Keep In Mind While You Buy Baby Wipes Online

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Baby wipes are more effective than the regular cloth wipes. Hence, if you want to switch and buy baby wipes online, you should know about what all variants are available in the market. Continue reading to know more.


When you shop for your baby’s hygiene products, there are two main items that should be your top picks that are diapers pants and baby wipes. If you are one of the parents who still prefer using the old cloth wipes, then it is time for you to switch to the better and more convenient version of wipes. The new age disposable baby wipes are very easy-to-use and dispose no matter where you are. All you have to do is wipe your baby’s bottom with it and throw it in a dustbin unlike the cloth ones which need to be washed and dried in order to reuse. Apart from being super convenient, these wipes have incredible cleaning capacity. Using just one sheet you can clean your baby’s bottom very efficiently without having to tug or pull.

The market today has so many different types of wipes hence, when you buy baby wipes online make sure you pick the ones that come with the best of the features in order to keep your baby safe and hygienic. You can either do a little research of your own or take suggestions from your doctor as to which variant would be perfect for your baby. No matter which variant you pick, remember to keep a check whether there are any rashes on your baby’s bottom. If you find any, discontinue using the product immediately and this has to be done for every product that you select for your baby’s skin.


Here are a few features to look for in the baby wipes -


Cottony soft sheet
When you buy baby wipes, make sure they have the cottony soft sheet feature in them. Wipes with a cottony soft sheet are created with an extra 20% thickness and 25% more moisture in order to clean your baby’s bottom effectively with a single sheet and without having to tug or pull at all. These are great for when you are running out of time and there’s an emergency situation, all you need to do is just pull out a sheet from the pack, wipe the bottom and throw it in the dustbin. Even though a single sheet can give you the best cleaning, if you still need some more, go ahead and use multiple sheets but do not rub abrasively on your baby’s bottom. If you are on a budget, you will find low price baby wipes and low price baby diapers both online and offline.


Available with and without fragrance

Most of the baby wipes are available in both with and without fragrance variants. If your baby’s skin is sensitive and reacts to any sort of fragrance, you should go for the without fragrance one. Otherwise, you can choose the fragrance variant as it takes care of any odour that either comes from staying in a diaper for a long time or stools. These are best for wiping your baby’s bottom post stool cleaning especially when you are outside home. You can also make it a routine to wipe your baby’s bottom with a fresh sheet every time you change the diaper even if there’s no stool in it for a fresh fragrance.


Suitable for newborn babies
If you have just become parents, you should pick baby wipes that are safe for newborns. You cannot use any random variant for your newborn as their skin is very brittle and needs special care. We recommend you pick the non-fragrance one for your newborn and switch to different variants as your baby grows up. This applies even when you buy diapers online India.


Tip: The baby wipes come in different sizes and one pack consists of ample sheets. Hence, you can buy a smaller size for outings and the larger size for keeping at home.

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