Fat Scales to Maximize Your Boxing Workout Routine

by Shubham Raheja manager

There are four main techniques for calculating body fat. Which includes Home Body Fat Scale, Navy Method, Hydrostatic Weighing and Skinfold Caliper; but we will highlight information about top 3 body fat scales the top three techniques which are more commonly practiced.

Home Body Fat Scales measures fat by the method of Biometrical Impedance. In this process, a shallow voltage current is passed through our body, and the opposing current is measured. Upon result compared with the actual weight of our organization, the exact percentage of fat can then be derived.

This method has some margin for error because the impedance of our body is also affected by other various factors that generate some current along with fat. For example the body water, electrical waves of heart, skin temperature, skeletal muscles, and physical work out. To remove this obstruction an individual has to fast for 4-5 hours and has to avoid any physical exercise before 12 hours before the method is applied.

Skinfold Caliper is one more effective technique which is implied with the usage of calipers. This is the cheapest technique for calculating body fats. However, one needs to learn the usage correctly to achieve the best results. It should be implied in the presence of a professional.

Hydrostatic Weighing which is formerly known as underwater weighing is the most accurate technique of calculating body fat only if you get a hydrostatic weighing tank. For this technique, one needs to know the Archimedes Principle. If you know some physics, you will understand this even better. The inspector or co-mate calculates the mass of your body by measuring the amount of water you relocate while you are in the water. The simple reasons for this are the amount of water transferred when the body is totally or partially immersed in the water is equal or proportional to the weight of that body. Then a method is used to calculate fat based on the density of the body. The only major problem for this technique is to find a hydrostatic weighing tank.

But on top, the golden question is why to bother for calculating body fat?

Information about the right amount of body fat can help you in setting goals for your weight loss strategy. Body fat is an essential constituent of a successful weight loss plan. You will be able to understand the scientific aspects of your weight loss program. It is something like knowing the inventory of your fat and knowing the duration it will need to lose a particular portion as well as getting information about the calories you need to drop from your daily diets to achieve the goal. Calculation of body fat is the only mean by which you can passionately track the achievement.

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