Fascinating Facts about a Baby's Brain That Every Parent Must Know

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It gives immense joy to every mother to watch her baby kick in the air, make funny faces, and do other things that make him/her so adorable. But it takes some time for a parent to realise that there are a lot other changes that a baby is undergoing on an everyday basis, one of which is brain development. The first few months of a baby’s life play a very important role in the development of your baby’s brain. Below mentioned are a few fascinating facts about your baby’s brain that we’d like you to know.


Babies have a memory 


Most parents are of the opinion that their babies are too young to have a memory. But the fact is when your baby is born, he/she already has a memory. When the baby is in their mother’s womb, their brain is in a developmental stage. In the third trimester, which is between 27 to 40 weeks, a baby can hear all the sounds and noises being made. This includes the voices of her mother and other members of the household who are in close contact with the mother during her pregnancy. Despite a newborn baby not being able to see every well, they will immediately recognise the voice of her mother and any other sound that he/she heard when they were in the womb.


Hugs lead to brain development 


If you want your baby to have a much larger and developed brain, then it is important to hug them a lot. A study on the growth of the hippocampus, a component of the brain that regulates stress modulation, memory and emotion, concluded that a baby who receives hugs and affection has better brain functioning as compared to those that do not receive motherly affection. Therefore it is important to take good care of your baby and hug them quite often. You also need to ensure that you use the right products that are gentle on their skin like the best organic baby face cream from

Babies dream a lot 


The sight of your baby sleeping peacefully is very joyful. While doing so your baby is also having fantastic dreams. In fact, babies dream much more than adults. 50 percent of the sleeping time of your baby is spent in the REM stage. This is the period when dreams occur. This is more than double than that of adults, who spend between 20 to 25 percent of their sleeping time in the REM stage. However, not always is a baby’s sleep peaceful. If you find your baby screaming during their sleep then it means the baby is having night terrors.

However, there is nothing to worry about as your baby will forget the dream when he/she wakes up. 


A Baby’s brain grows fast until three years of age 


The baby’s brain grows really fast during the first three years. A newborn’s brain is tiny in size, about one-third of its mother’s or father’s brain. However, during the next few days the rapid development of the brain takes place. The first year will have the brain doubling in size. By the time the baby is three years old, the size of the brain will be around 75 to 80 percent of an adult brain. Therefore, the first three years are very crucial for the development of your baby’s brain. 


The first few years of your baby’s life are crucial and can play an important role in his/her overall development. Therefore, it is important to nurture your baby with love and care and by using the best all-natural baby lotionBy conversing, interacting and playing with your baby, you will help in the development of their brain. A healthy brain will result in a healthy life. 

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