Factors to Consider While Choosing Pipes for your New Home

by Amisha Lohan Blogger

Plumbing pipes aren't something you would like to pay much attention to while decorating your new house. Homeowners usually shift the responsibility of deciding which pipe to choose upon their builders or plumbers. However, experts believe that homeowners should pay extra attention to the piping material since it is directly related to their family's well-being. It also helps save money on future project costs. Experts suggest asking your plumber or manufacturer about the different types of pipes available in the market and other plumbing materials.

Plumbing pipes fall into two categories- metal and plastic pipes. The metal pipes are divided into three more categories- copper, cast iron, and galvanized steel. Whereas plastic pipes are divided into the following categories-

      PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

      PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature)

      PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

      ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

      PE (Polyethylene)

      PP (Polypropylene)

      CPVC (Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride)) 

Before you go out to buy the right kind of pipes for your home, you should know the different purposes that piping serves at our home.

      To transport water from municipal sources or water utilities.

      To transport hot and cold water from water distribution lines and systems. This water is delivered to faucets, taps, showers etc.

      To transport wastewater and other swerve gases and water from showers, toilets, kitchen sinks, and basins. This is done through the drain-waste-vent or DWV systems. 

Points to consider before selecting plumbing pipes for your house-


      Societal rules- before finalizing, a type of piping system is allowed and approved by your society or residential authorities. An easy way to know this is to ask your building contractor or other building authorities. However, plastic piping is a common type of piping that is allowed. Most buildings will enable the use of plastic pipes. ASTM pipe is another type of pipe that is used for piping systems in India. ASTM pipe is grade C stainless steel pipes that can easily endure uneven and high temperatures without getting damaged.

      The quality of water- the quality of water available in your building or locality is a significant factor in determining the type of piping systems you will need. Moreover, if your locality does not receive a constant water supply, you will also need to invest in good-quality tanks for water storage. The aggressive water level in your building is an important factor to consider before buying any type of piping system. As per experts, if the corrosion level of the water is high, you should avoid selecting metal pipes made of iron, copper, and steel. These pipes are more prone to developing bacterial mold and leaks. In such a case, you should opt for plastic pipes since they are durable and corrosion-resistant.

      Budget strains- Your budget plays an essential role in your buying decision. Metal pipes are more expensive than plastic pipes and also require more transportation and labor costs. Plastic pipes are relatively cheaper and also prove to be cost-efficient.

      Earth-friendly- sustainability is the need of the hour. And plastic pipes are a great choice if you want to contribute towards making the world a better place. Plastic pipes save money on manufacturing and transportation costs, thus helping save up on energy as well. Moreover, plastic pipes and fittings also save up on maintenance and repair costs. Since most plastic pipes are corrosion-resistant and can easily withstand pressure and wear and tear, they do not require repair.


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