Environmental Cleanliness is a Great Idea - Let us Transform it into an Action

by Amisha Lohan Blogger

There have been talks on cleanliness, i.e. the idea of keeping surroundings neat and clean, for a long time now. Everyone is actively involved in the discussions, but what this idea truly needs is a proactive approach. It takes action to help keep the surroundings clean. It is not just about cleaning our homes. It is an idea of cleaning our entire surroundings. Don’t just take all the trash from your home and throw it out on the streets. Cleaning is not an individual concept. Just cleaning your homes is not enough. There is a need to do more, to contribute more.


Why cleanliness?

Apart from the fact that clean surroundings will make you feel better, there are several other reasons. First of all, keeping the surroundings clean helps to reduce pollution. Keeping the waste properly can make the process of waste disposal more efficient. There is much garbage present in several areas just because people do not throw the garbage where they are supposed to. Disposing waste properly and maintaining cleanliness helps protect our unique ecosystem and the endangered species of plants and animals. If the waste is disposed of properly, all the resources used to treat improperly disposed wastes can be conserved and put into better use in the future. Cleaning the environment assists in maintaining biodiversity, which in turn protects the very survival of the human race.


Idea into Action

There has been much discussion about how cleanliness can be achieved and maintained. What is now needed is an implementation of those ideas and concepts. The plastic dustbin manufacturer can manufacture effective lightweight and strong dustbins with colour indicators to help people sort out the wet and dry bins and the recyclable and non-recyclable bins. Not everyone is aware of these distinctions; therefore, to make this idea successful, labels indicating examples of the materials to be put into each dustbin need to be put up on walls and taught in schools and colleges. There can be awareness campaigns for the same. There can be bins of various types- household bins, roadside bins and community bins. We know that having four different bins everywhere is not possible because of the lack of space and resources, so it is better to focus on having at least one dustbin within every 2 km radius. Instead of throwing the waste on the streets or at home, buy a dustbin for every room and dispose of the waste there. Having a dustbin in every room helps you to collect the waste easily without much effort.



Looks are of some importance. In making the cities clean and beautiful, coloured dustbins also play a role. There are dustbins available in various colours and sizes. Each corner can have a different coloured dustbin suggested with a lid. Closed dustbins ensure that the waste is properly disposed of and keeps the smell away. It also ensures that no flies are hovering over the garbage and spreading diseases.



Littered surroundings and living near uncovered garbage call for various diseases. These unkempt wastes become the households of mice, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. They creep into our homes and infect us with a variety of illnesses. The illnesses caused by these dirty rodents and insects can have long-lasting adverse effects on our lives. On the other hand, clean surroundings promote health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Clean physical surroundings help you to relax and think clearly. It provides positivity and joy. Having clean surroundings also helps you know the things that are present around you.


The plastic dustbin is important in our fight towards cleanliness. Our mission as residents of this world is to do our bit in maintaining clean and healthy surroundings. We must take the necessary steps to ensure that our surroundings are kept clean and tidy.

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