Facial Surgeon in Pretoria Performs Wisdom Teeth Removal Safely and Properly!

by Hamilton Hill Joint Replacement Surgeon in Johannesburg

Wisdom teeth are also known as the third molars and these teeth start to develop for people who use to age from 16 to 25. When these molars start to come up, some people may not experience any kind of complications but for some the development of these molars can generate immense pain. In this case, either the molars remain somewhat covered with the bone or gum. When these teeth become impacted, some people can experience certain complications. Pain is the prime complication that one may experience under this circumstance.  This is where the top facial surgeon in Pretoria can deliver handy treatment for you. The Face is the best place to find such a surgeon who has a great experience in wisdom teeth removal.

So, before going for the removal of these molars, there are a few points that you should consider. The very first thing that you need to know is that what sort of impact these impacted teeth can generate. When you have these molars which are painless as well as unobtrusive, you can ignore them easily. However, the asymptomatic molars can even generate a great pain and can exert immense pressure on your gum. If you will ignore these molars, then they can be a very good cause behind periodontal disease. With these teeth, you can have certain common complications.

  • Loss of bone or gum
  • Damage for the surrounding structures
  • Your breath may smell odd
  • Irritated and inflamed gums
  • Swelling may appear on jaw
  • Immense pain in the jaw

There are some good reasons why people may need to opt for the best facial surgeon in Pretoria so that wisdom teeth removal can be administered.

Apart from those common effects that such teeth can generate, they can even make the right call for some serious issues and diseases. There are so many arguments you can find that support why wisdom teeth removal is necessary. But knowing the prime reasons behind the remove of such teeth can always help you to take informed decision.

Infection and inflammation:

Due to the partial impactions and limited space, wisdom teeth may not come up properly and this can lead the way for gum inflammation. This may further lead the way for gum related disease. As per the studies, it’s proven that once the inflammation appears, it becomes very hard to get rid of it. This type of inflammation can even spread to the surrounding structures in your mouth. With addition to that when such molars are partially impacted, a gap can appear between the gum and those molars. This gap triggers a very firm ground for the bacteria to breed and develop. Due to this reason, some people may experience infection and other health hazards.


It’s the appearance of the wisdom teeth, overcrowds your mouth’s cavity. As there are other teeth, it becomes tough for the wisdom teeth to find enough space. Due to this reason, such molars also start to push the other teeth aside. This can lead the way for misalignment of teeth.  This can be also a reason why you need to opt for the facial surgeon in Pretoria and get the wisdom teeth removal done properly.

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