Things To Know About Head And Neck Cancer Treatment

by Hamilton Hill Joint Replacement Surgeon in Johannesburg

Like all other cancer, head and neck cancer is considered as equally fatal as well as life threatening. As the name suggests, the disease affects head and neck areas of human bodies. However, it is too simplification to say that head and neck cancer happens at the head and neck areas. In reality, cancer affected areas like throat, larynx, nose, mouth and sinus areas are also considered as head and neck cancer. In the USA, more than 2.5 percent of the population suffers from head and neck cancer. Thanks to technology, there are some prominent ways for treating head and neck cancer. For that, one needs supervision and consultation of professional head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria.

Awareness of cancer is an important thing. People should be aware of the popular treatment programs and various processes for managing head and neck cancer. For that purpose, this article shall share some important facts that are associated with this type of cancer.

1. Understanding the Risk Factors

Before consulting facial reconstruction surgeon in Pretoria, you need to know a few important or crucial factors. The most imperative thing is know the risk factors of head and neck cancer. Those, who smoke and drink a lot, are considered to be vulnerable for this type of cancer. However, it does not mean that if you do not smoke or drink, you are safe from this disease. It can happen to anyone, irrespective of age or gender. It can happen to people due to many biological as well as physiological reasons. If the cancer is not diagnosed at the early stage, it can become life threatening. If diagnosed at the first stage or early stage, it can be healed through critical surgeries or other medications.

2. Head and Neck Cancer Symptoms

At the above paragraph, we have learnt the essence of diagnosing head and neck cancer at the early stage so that better treatment options can be availed. For that, we need to know various symptoms of this disease. The primary symptom could be trouble in swallowing. Persisting pain on the throat area also signifies head and neck cancer. Ear pain and lump inside mouth are some of the other common symptoms of this cancer. In some cases, these symptoms are not quite clearly visible. As a result, it gets delayed to diagnose cancer for such patients. So, if you are facing such symptoms occasionally, without any delay you must consult professional head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria.

Treatment Options for Head and Neck Cancer

For treatment of head and neck cancer, you need to consult head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria. In most of the cases, patients are suggested to undergo surgery, which is a critical process. In many cases, radiation and chemotherapy have been suggested. The latter two healing processes are adopted when the person’s body is not prepared or suitable for conducting surgery. After head and neck cancer surgery, you may need to undergo facial reconstruction process. For that, you further should consult a professional facial reconstruction surgeon in Pretoria.


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