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Construction is an ongoing process and there is always some work going on in that department. Especially in mega-cities like New York, there is always a requirement of innovative construction ideas to sustainably accommodate the massive population. Construction companies in New York take up the challenge fairly well and have produced some landmark projects which mark the city with grandeur and beauty.

There are several aspects to construction which are executed with a perspective of the future in mind. These are essential to keep the building healthy and safe for the people who live or work inside it. One of these things is exterior waterproofing, which is crucial to prevent the damage caused to a building by heavy rains and storms over time.

What is exterior waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the best defense against the damage caused by repeated rainfall. It involves mainly two processes; collecting and leading the water away from your home via downspouts and gutters and installing a waterproofing membrane around the foundations of the building to prevent any water seepage, stop leakages and to seal out moisture that can be absorbed by the concrete. It essentially stops water from getting into the foundation and weakening the structure.

Why is it needed?

Waterproofing is crucial as water is a great enemy of any standing structure. Wet basements and weak foundation can be damaging to the house and the only way to stop it is by exterior waterproofing of the foundation walls and the basement structure. Cracks and crevices become commonplace once water finds an inlet into the structure of a building. Creating a moisture barrier is the best solution to avoid any water seepage problems in the present as well as in the future.

The benefits of exterior waterproofing?
Apart from the essentials cited above, there are other needs and benefits of waterproofing a structure. It is important for sensible construction and to increase the age of a building. Let’s look at the benefits of waterproofing your home:

  1. Stops water from entering in a building and directs it away from the structure.

  2. Relieves and prevents the building up of hydrostatic pressure.

  3. Prevents the frequent problem of wet basements.

  4. Eliminates seepage, wet spots, odors due to dampness and water absorption.

  5. Long-term solution against water related problems.

  6. Raises the overall value and worth of your home/building.

  7. Protects and strengthens the structural integrity of a building.

Some states in the United States receive heavy rainfall and damages due to water problems are frequent and unavoidable in these areas. Exterior waterproofing of the foundation and the basement provides a permanent solution to this problem and ends up saving a lot of money in the long run. Overall, it is an effective solution and a structural requirement from the point of view of construction. Ask your contractor about it and spend a few bucks instead of regretting it later.

Comment below if you wish to know more about external waterproofing and how it works. Thanks for reading!

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