Exploring Career Opportunities after CEH Certification

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If you are seriously considering entering the cybersecurity industry, certification is the main way to demonstrate to employers the skills and knowledge you have to get the job done. The Certified Ethical Hacker certification is one of the most well-known certifications in this field, and with good reason.

CEH certificates are issued and managed by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC Council). The CEH exam is designed to evaluate candidate's knowledge related to the hacking tools and methods. Certified Ethical Hacking professionals can detect threats and risks present in the systems and networks and can take countermeasures to reduce those risks. 

Which type of position or designation can you earn after getting CEH Certification? 

Well, CEH is not only for the white-hat hackers. If you are aiming for CEH, the main element that involves thinking is the role of the ethical hacker (or its sibling role, a penetration tester). The recruiter hires ethical hackers to test structures and networks for vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. But CEH is no longer built solely for ethical hacking. The skills and knowledge gained through CEH certification in Dubai can be applied to many cybersecurity positions. 

As per the official website of the EC-Council, CEH course can help you ready for the following job positions:

  • Security analyst

  • Security compliance analyst

  • Solution architect

  • Security administrator

  • Cybersecurity auditor

  • Security consultant

  • Security engineer

  • Threat analyst, and more

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Understanding difference between Network security, information security and system security:

Security Analysts can be identified in one of 3 main areas: Cybersecurity, system security or information security. Network security is all about taking measures to protect digital networks from illegal access or damage. It may also include physical and logical protections. 

On the other hand, Information security is all about protection of digital information from illegal access or theft. It can also consist of information stored on computers, networks and various devices and transmitted over servers.

System security is the best combination of network security and information security factors. These are measures to protect the computer structure from damage or illegal access. This consists of the physical security of the device and the logical security of the information stored on the device.

The alternative types of IT security specialist, is of course not included here. However, the 3 main types of information, system security and network should help you see the benefits of CEH.

Security administrator:

The IT security officer or device security officer has the responsibility of day-to-day network security of the organization and its infrastructure.

This includes responsibilities such as implementing security software, keeping security logs, and tracking suspicious community activity.

Large companies can have multiple managers, each with their own personal area of ​​responsibility. Such as, one administrator probably has the responsibility of running the firewall and another administrator might be responsible for intrusion detection devices. The administrator role is usually an entry-level cybersecurity role. Various administrators initiated their career in other designation, like technical support or customer support and then switched to security administration designation once gaining the experience.
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From there, you can quickly move into better positions, including security analyst or security engineer. 

Security Analyst:

An analyst is a person who collects and interprets information to make decisions. In cybersecurity, analysts use records to understand security threats, compare the impact of those threats, and develop mitigation plans.

Whether it's a data security analyst, network security analyst, or system security analyst, a large part of a security analyst's job is documenting findings. This allows decision makers to see threads running through their agencies and make informed decisions about how to manage those threats. 

Another element in the work of a security analyst is creating reports. It includes safety guidelines, process and practices. Analysts can also help create training materials for various employees.

Security analysts usually come from an IT background having deep knowledge or understanding of techniques, and hold many other certifications like CEH.

At the time of writing, there are more than 36,000 Cybersecurity Analyst positions open.

Security Engineer:

Security analysts are people who identify threats and cybersecurity engineers are people who design and implement measures to lower down those threats. In a nutshell, security engineers have the tasks to design, maintain and build an institution's security infrastructure. It consists of intrusion detection systems, firewalls, encryption protocols and more.

Moreover, various safety engineers initiated their career as safety analysts and moved on to more technical roles after becoming experienced.

The job of a safety engineer requires a combination of technical and social skills. You must recognize complex technical problems and be able to develop innovative solutions to them. You should further refine your ideas in writing or face to face.

Security engineers can also put their programming skills to good use, as some of the responses they develop should get executed in code.

Security consultant: 

In a job description, a security consultant closely resembles a security analyst. Both designations consist of detecting threats and suggesting solutions.

An important difference between a security consultant and a defense analyst or engineer is that experts from the public are consulted to provide expert advice. Instead, analysts and engineers are usually hired directly by the firms.

Another difference is that experts are usually recruited on a project-to-project basis, meaning they are hired for a particular time period to work on a particular issue. After the job is done, the consultant usually is not involved with the working of an organization.

Consultants are usually hired when a company wants professional suggestions on selected issues. For example, a company might hire security officers to help them investigate threats to their security, or expand and implement new security strategies.

Many security consultants work as freelancers and work with various clients simultaneously. 

There is a wave of demand when it comes to hiring security consultants. In fact, according to Cyberseek, there were more than 25,000 positions open for the position of Security Officer.

Cybersecurity auditor:

As per the definition, an auditor is a professional who examines the financial facts of an organization to ensure that they are accurate. In cybersecurity, auditors examine an organization's security practices for ensuring and making it more effective.

This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Evaluating an organization's privacy policies and processes.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your organization's defenses

  • Conduct vulnerability analysis

  • Check your organization's controls to adhere to security. 

  • Giving advice on improving organization's defenses, etc.

Cybersecurity auditors have the same tasks as consultants. They are hired usually by organizations to get the best advice in the field of cybersecurity. However, the aim of an auditor is compliance, and the aim of a consultant is security.

Cybersecurity auditors are also recruited by government institutions, like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, the demand for auditors in the private sector is increasing.
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Will you get sure-shot employment post CEH Certification?

Well, in this highly competitive digitally-driven world, nothing can be guaranteed.

However, a CEH certification can make a professional' the preferred choice to get hired. It enables you with an edge in the market over your counterparts who are not certified. 

Moreover, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has recognized the CEH Certification, so certificate holders can receive a priority in securing the position for DoD activity.

CEH certification can be a valuable asset for anyone aiming to implement or develop cybersecurity. However, it is very crucial to remember that a certificate does not offer any guarantee of employment.

To land on your dream cybersecurity job, you'll need to improve your interviewing skills, build a solid resume, and network with industry experts. But if you're trying to give yourself an edge, earning CEH Certification is the best pathway to choose.

Wrapping up:

CEH jobs are in high demand, especially given the rapid growth of the cybersecurity industry. The CEH certification opens you up the door of opportunities for the roles such as security analyst, security consultant, cybersecurity auditor, security engineer, and more.

Well, it is significantly crucial to remember that a CEH certificate can help your career to grow. But, ultimately it is your skills and capabilities that can take your career on the next level.

Recruiters prefer candidates with a CEH certificate, so the worth of this certification is too high, if you're looking to start or advance your cybersecurity career.

If you want to start your CEH journey, enroll for the CEH Certification Course training at Vinsys.

Learning the ins and outs of ethical hacking certification in Dubai or anywhere across the globe isn't easy, but you'll also get practical understanding from modern tools and techniques through experienced instructors.

Register today and initiate your cybersecurity journey today!

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